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Bottom line up front (BLUF): My wife is flying out to visit me in WA and we are picking up our M3 in Bellevue. On January 8th or 9th we will be driving to CO (I-5 South to OR; I-84 East across OR, ID, and UT; then I-80 East across WY; finally I-25 South to CO) where my wife gets to enjoy the M3 and I fly back to WA on the 12th. Research says to use, a better route planner, which leads me to the following questions:

1. Max Speed - over the route there is a portion that the posted speed limit is 80 mph, and if the roads are clear I plan on driving the speed limit. Should this be the speed I plug in for Max Speed even though it is a small portion of the overall trip?

2. Since it is winter and the weather will be cold, am I being to conservative wanting to arrive at SC's with 20% battery remaining?

3. Outside temperature really fluctuates across this route this time of year. The average low over one of the passes in January is 8° F, should I use this as my temperature?

4. What is considered extra weight, I'm assuming this would be passengers and luggage, but just want to make sure.

5. Finally, there is a section on my route from Pendleton, OR to Boise, ID that requires me to charge to 100% to travel 213 miles and arrive with 19% charge remaining. This section is in red and has a planned speed of 43 mph. During this segment, the route has me drive right through Baker City, OR without stopping at the SC there. I know I can plug this in as I leave Pendleton, but why would ABRP decide to do this?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and answer my questions.

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