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Saving alternative routes to Saved Plan


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On 7/4/2022 at 6:02 PM, Doonser said:

Same problem here 3 years later. Does ABRP support read these?



We do check the forum but the community forum is as of almost a year ago mainly intended for user discussion.

Bug report and feature requests are handled over at https://abrp.upvoty.com/
Support can be contacted via email, you'll find the option in the 'Support & feedback' section at the bottom of the settings menu.

A saved plan is essentially a saved set of settings, a vehicle model and a list of waypoints (with possible edits to). As conditions may vary in the future (available chargers, traffic, weather etc.) the result of a plan will never be truly the same, and therefore alternatives will not be either.

In short, a saved plan is the saved settings of a plan and not the actual result, meaning that you cannot save a specific alternative.


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