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[New Motorcycle] Energica Ego/Eva

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I am new to exploring the options of ABRP. Looks like a great tool!

I am going to buy soon an Energica Eva motorbike. These have a 18.9kWh battery & DC-fast charge capabilities.

Unfortunately. Motorbikes are not in the list. Any chance to add it, at least in alpha?


If needed, I would be happy to provide driving model using option2 once I get mine in ~ March. What would be the procedure? Wh/km for speed from 50 to 130 in steps of 10? or something else can be used? (This should be accurate enough since there is a cruise control option on the bike)



Driving Model:

Option 1 - Analytical - Provide the mathematical parameters to define the car model (See this blog post for details).

Option 2 - Data-Driven - Perform driving test at multiple speeds, and record efficiency or power draw from the pack.

Option 3 - Direct Car Connection - Provide method of receiving telemetry directly from the car via OBD, API, or other means.

Charging Model:

Charge Curve - Provide a link to a chart or video detailing the charge power over time or by State of Charge %

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