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Map disappears...

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I'm a newcomer (from France) on ABRP. Just received my new Tesla Model 3, and I find this ABRP site very nice...thanks.

I've just got a small issue (not too familiar with it, sorry for this probably basic one...).

Actually, everything was correct at the beginning, but since 2 days, the background map (towns, roads) has completely disappeared.

I can only see the path (see image attched).

Please could you help, thanks.

Best regards.


ABRP Output.png

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Seems to be a common unanswered problem.

The first time I used the problem, the route calculated almost immediately  and the map

also appeared quickly. Then all went to Hell. Took 2 hours for a route to calculate, then it would

disappear. No map displayed the second day

I discovered that if you switch to night mode you will see a map.

This make help for the nonce.

Very definitely a Work in Progress...

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