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When trying to change settings in the Model 3 when I click avoid on route the keyboard opens then I can't select avoid tolls

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Description: I want to select avoid tolls but when I try to the keyboard pops up and i have tried typing "a" to see if that would select it but when I close the keyboard it has not changed
I read on some older posts people were having the same issue back in July.
Possible Solutions:
Anyway for you to change it so it won't pop up the keyboard and then I could just touch it with my finger like I click it with my mouse when on a computer? If not maybe allow setting saved on the computer when I am logged into ABRP and then have them be the same when I log in to ABRP in my car? (Probably easiest solution) If not, maybe change the selection to check boxes instead of the drop down menu? 3 options with check boxes - tolls, ferries, highways.
All in all this is a great route planner, and I can save my plan on the computer where I can set the setting and then load it out in the car. The only time is has been a problem is if I am on a trip and what to put in a new plan.

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