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2019 Ioniq - Electrify America charging inaccuracy

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I charged at Electrify America stations on a recent trip and the charge time listed by ABRP was substantially lower, making me think the charging curve in ABRP is incorrect. I sadly do not have vehicle data to compare to - I will for my next trip at the end of December - but I can compare between EA and ABRP. Is this a problem others have experienced?

I also had to tweak my mi/kWh setting up a bit (4.70 vs 4.50) to make the arrival %'s match, but I assume that is a driving conditions thing more than anything else - traffic wasn't constant, so while I spent a good amount of the trip at +10MPH of speed limit, there was also a good amount of the trip under the speed limit or in stop and go.

Plan link: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=18d85cd2-eff5-4345-9ca2-3ece1ecd4fbe


Spreadsheet of actuals vs ABRP Time:


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