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Planner makes 1 minute charging stop, or goes 4 hours out of the way

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Description: I'm trying to plan a route to Steamboat Springs and back again. The area doesn't have a Tesla supercharger so the only way I can feasibly make the round trip is if I use one of the level 2 public charging locations in the city. I've made a plan with the desired Lv2 charging stop; and ABPR automatically set it at 3kw and 8 hours in the "gear" details for that stop (See plan linked below). Right now the plan has the "Level 2 car charger" checkbox checked in the settings, and it is planning a route as specified with my desired Lv2 charging stop, and then also adding a 1 minute stop at an inaccessible charging location (Says it's for patrons only, and we are not likely to be patrons at that location) to get <1% more on the battery. This doesn't make any sense  Because as you can see, even with the 65% it says it leaves the extra charger with, it will arrive at the next destination with 12% battery left, a 2% surplus over my requirement of 10% per stop. It doesn't matter how long I tell it I'll stop at the WYNDHAM BLDG 6. If I enter 12 hours, it just stops at Larimie for a shorter amount of time, and still makes the 1 minute stop at the vacation club.
Where this gets really bizarre, is that if I remove the "Level 2 Car Chargers" option checkbox, it decides it can stop for a shorter amount of time in Larimie, WY, only charge to 60% instead of 65% at my specified WYNDHAM BLDG2 stop, it *doesn't* make the extra stop at the vacation club (because I disabled level 2 car chargers), but then it decides that the only way it's going to make it back to Larimie, is by taking a 177 mile detour south through Silverthorn, then through Loveland, past Fort Collins, and into WY to Larimie, then make a U-Turn and come back to Fort Collins.
So apparently the only way to make it to Larimie w/ 10% charge and not go south through Silverthorn is if I stop for 1 minute at the vacation club? Come on. Something's going weird here XD
Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=216d9294-0c83-40b2-9e9e-1f9ad97d3bf6
Replication Steps:
  1. Click plan link
  2. Notice 1 minute 65% => 65% stop at Legacy Vacation Club
  3. Edit the route, change the "Gear" options for WYNDHAM BLDG 6 to charge to 70% instead of charging for 8 hours (Power: 3 kW, Time: Blank, Charge To: 70%)
  4. Notice the 0 minute 70% => 70% stop at Legacy Vacation Club
  5. Edit the route, and in "Advanced Settings" uncheck the "Level 2 Car charger" option near the bottom. Plan Route
  6. Note the obscene route the planner takes when leaving Steamboat Spgs. Leaves w/ 70% charge, which was plenty of charge when stopping at the vacation club for 0 minutes, but now it routes through Silverthorne etc, nearly doubling trip time.
Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
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Definitely some weirdness going on, we'll investigate the planner further this week, but for the moment some suggestions:

  1. You don't really need the "Level 2" selection, there's plenty of superchargers around.  
  2. I'm not sure it's faster to go through Laramie, but understandable not wanting to backtrack through Denver
  3. Charging to only 70% is not enough to make it back to Laramie with 10%.  Checking that leg of the route in a separate plan it uses up 66% battery, meaning you'd arrive with 4%.
  4. The Wyndham Chargepoint is actually 6.6kW (our source doesn't have a kW rating, so we assume 3kW), but checking it on Chargepoint's app shows the true power rating.

Doing these things gets rid of the weirdness associated with being almost able to make the leg back to Laramie (which I suspect is the issue, the planner found that by stopping and charging near-zero length at a slow charger it could force a slower route for just long enough to make it possible to reach Laramie):

Alternately, without forcing the route through Laramie:

Which is marginally faster (10 minutes), or likely slower if you hit rush hour through Denver. 

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