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Found 2 results

  1. We all know how weight/wind/wether has a huge effect on the range of all EV's, so I was thinking how many people the router planner is including when it calculate ? Is it driver only or does it also take account for possible front seat passenger, or is it a car full ( 5 people) without luggage ? In case that the driver is the only "weight" that is included in the calculation, wouldn't it be obvious to state that the driver is around " xxxxx amount" of kg ? I know that we have the possibility to add more weight under more settings, but it only state that more weight is trailer or heavy cargo. All those information I've listed above is quiet crucial for a family using this site to calculate or estimate the time travelling from home to a vacation destination.
  2. I drive an AWD M3 with 310 mile range. At the end of the month, I'll be traveling out of the country for a couple weeks. I leave from a friend's house three hours away from home. She doesn't have a NEMA 1450 plug although there are plenty of J1772 outlets in her town. My plan is to top up at a supercharger 30 miles away from her house so the battery will have about 90% when I leave. So, I need some advice: 1) How much phantom drain can I expect in two weeks? 2) Should I charge to 90% or just to my usual 155 miles of range? 3) I'll be able to track the status of my charge while I'm away on my iPhone which is good. Should I teach my friend about operating the M3 and ask her to charge it at some point? 4) What other questions or considerations should I be thinking about?

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