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Found 11 results

  1. The pricing for charging at a Tesla Supercharger is set individually per charger by Tesla and is not - as far as we are aware - published anywhere online. At ABRP, we have to maintain prices manually, which we have not done too well so far. However, with the new Charge Cards feature we are much better up to speed with charger prices, at least in Europe. However, the Supercharger prices for North America definitely need a refresh. Anyone with a Tesla without free supercharging can see the prices for individual Superchargers in the car infotainment. If you have a North American Tesla, we need your help to correct the prices, at least to a reasonably correct level. We just did an update of the Canadian prices, so we mostly need a price per US state. Can you help us out? Just post pricing information in this thread.
  2. ABRP gives higher SOC(30%) than Tesla in car Navigation((15%) same destination. ABRP has same starting and car information. Don’t want to arrive less than 20% SOC. Not sure which one to trust for the trip.
  3. Description: Starting a planned route leaves a completely empty browser screen Type: Webpage Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=752ab1c7-147e-4da7-848a-7137c2cee02b Replication Steps: Navigate to https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=752ab1c7-147e-4da7-848a-7137c2cee02b Touch Blue "Play" circle icon to start route Empty screen VID_20200411_203948.mp4
  4. This applies to Europe only: The icon used for Tesla CCS Superchargers is the same as used for Tesla Type 2 Destination Chargers. Furthermore this icon looks very similar to the usual European household plug... See the attached screenshot: On the right side the Kapfenberg CCS Supercharger, on the left the DEC of the Hotel Böhlerstern. There should be clearly distinguishable icons for these two types, which should bear the Tesla logo as do the "normal" Tesla Superchargers. I have added proposals, feel free to use them...
  5. Hi im on the tropical island called Anglesey in wales I have just purchased a Tesla model3 SR+ pearl white &black interior currently driving a vw golf 1.6 tdi ( really cheating model) which i love , however its time to take the leap of faith, my trips will be up to near Aberdeen in Scotland or Cardiff in south wales, so hopefully I will be fine ( please reassure me ) , I have already fitted a Tesla wall charger at home so im ready for the future , i did test drive e-niro but 12/18 months wait I jumped to tesla when price dropped , however still getting to pay £320 per year luxury tax which im flabbergasted by thank you
  6. I have an app to generate my Tesla token on an ipad. Is there any easy way to enter it into ABRP on the browser in the car? Typing 50 random characters correctly is not trivial or fast. Thanks.
  7. Description: See ABRP 3.7 provides NaN's for clock times along a calculated route on a 2017 Tesla MX (AP 2.0) running 2019.16.3.2. I verified that the Tesla browser is getting vehicle system time correctly using the website shown in the picture. I now suspect there's a bug in ABRP 3.7 if it runs in the AP 2.0 web browser. I've attached an image of the trip summary table from the Tesla showing the NaN's. Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share"). Replication Steps: Open the Web Browser on a Tesla running AP 2.0 hardware and firmware 2019.16.3.2 (mine is a 2017 MX built March 2017) (2019.16.3.2 is essentially the latest firmware release). Using ABRP 3.7 in the browser, plan a trip from the current location to some location a few hours away. Review trip summary table for NaN values in the arrival and departure time columns. Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
  8. I've tried running the latest version of ABRP (3.7) in the browser on my AP 2.0 car. It seems to run OK, perhaps a bit slow. I have two questions: 1) In a YouTube video from Now You Know done in a Model 3, ABRP popped up a login prompt right after starting up in the browser, and the login feature apparently ties the website to vehicle data & data transfer. I don't see that login prompt in my vehicle. Is that because I'm using an older browser (AP 2.0)? 2) The YouTube video also showed a bunch of customization possible in ABRP running in the vehicle after the login prompt. I don't see any of them in ABRP running in my vehicle. Am I missing some tab/feature that reveals this? 2) I see NaN's in the time of arrival columns for a trip planned in my vehicle. It does show the trip duration time. I don't see the NaN's when planning the same trip on a desktop computer running Firefox & ABRP. Why are the NaN's appearing in the time columns? Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks!
  9. Description: I primarily drive on the Tesla navigation due to its better visualization. Since a few versions ago Tesla supports sending locations to the vehicle for navigation. It would be awesome if ABRP could automatically or suggest to manually push the next destination of the trip to the car. Currently I need to manually search the next destination while I'm on route. Which is especially annoying if the trip route changed due to traffic or just because you forgot to take the exit ? This is the API doco https://tesla-api.timdorr.com/vehicle/commands/navigation Use Case: I would use this *all the time* as I'm doing this manually at the moment.
  10. I may have dreamed this, but I thought I saw somewhere that once one has a trip planned in ABRP, that routing and all of its data can be sent to the on board Tesla navigation, and override the basic Tesla navigation options. I have an upcoming multi-stop/multi-SuperCharger trip coming up with some customized ABRP routings--nothing that either Google or Tesla would support. Is there anyway to upload this routing to the car and use it instead of the limited Tesla routing? If so, will the Navigate on Autopilot be able to read the ABRP routing the same as if it were the Tesla routing? Has anyone done this? How'd you do it? Thanks...
  11. After linking "Over-the-air live data" for my Tesla, the Live Data page for my car is stuck showing "Registering / Mytesla status". I added my car to my account and then clicked the blue "Add live data" button to connect "Over-the-air live data". I then clicked "Link Tesla" and entered the Refresh and Access tokens for my Tesla account. I then selected my car, which correctly showed the name of my only Tesla. After that, the blue "Add live data" button changed to a red "Unlink" button, but at the top of that page, it shows "Registering / Mytesla status". I've refreshed the page several times and waited several minutes but it doesn't change. I also tried unlinking live data and then linking it again by entering my Tesla login credentials instead of tokens, but the same thing happens. Thanks, Russell
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