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Found 2 results

  1. I had a trip of about 900 km and had to pick up a person somewhere on the route. Tesla does not have the possibility to add waypoints so ot is only looking for chargers to reach the place where i had to pick up the person. From there with maybe 13% SoC how to proceed? No possibility to plan. So i took the web app and planned the complete route with ABRP. Withe the button "Tesla Nav" Abrp instructs the Tesla navigator to the next waypoint just the way ABRP has calculated. That's just great ! EnergyMan
  2. Description: I primarily drive on the Tesla navigation due to its better visualization. Since a few versions ago Tesla supports sending locations to the vehicle for navigation. It would be awesome if ABRP could automatically or suggest to manually push the next destination of the trip to the car. Currently I need to manually search the next destination while I'm on route. Which is especially annoying if the trip route changed due to traffic or just because you forgot to take the exit ? This is the API doco https://tesla-api.timdorr.com/vehicle/commands/navigation Use Case: I would use this *all the time* as I'm doing this manually at the moment.
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