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Found 4 results

  1. I notice that the ABRP map is missing the UK GeniePoint chargers, they appear on Open Charge Map, how do we get them added as I use a few, but can not plan a route using them.
  2. Hi, I am new here and wondered how we get chargers added to the map. I have right clicked and added a charger or two to one of the underlying sites and got an email back saying they had been implemented but they don't show up in here. How often is the data refreshed and is there a way to force a check to get the chargers to show up? Cheers! Clive
  3. Hi, There is at least one Instavolt DC charger that has been on OpenChargeMap for at least a week that is still missing from ABRP. It's location is 53.300089, -1.089795 at the Bannatyne Health Club, Worksop, UK. This has been in operation for many months, now and is a major stop of mine. How long will it be before it is added to ABRP?
  4. Hi guys. Couple of chargers that I’ve spotted as missing. They’re in open charge map and showing as operational, so not sure why you wouldn’t pick them up First one is in Campbeltown and the second one is in Tyndrum

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