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Found 7 results

  1. Hi - I'm having real issues with login. I have registered an account and downloaded the iOS app BUT when I try and login to my ABRP app with my credentials, which I know are correct, it says email or password are wrong. I've tried password reset and that doesn't help. I also can log in online to save and synchronise routes across devices - same problem. It's very frustrating and I'd be very glad of some help!!
  2. Where are you from? What car do you drive? What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV?
  3. Description (corrected): I can only login to MyTesla if I connect and disconnect from ABRP before. Only after the disconnect, the car data is accessible. Reconnecting to ABRP does not kill the connection to Mytesla. Connecting only to mytesla does not work as well. Checked in multiple browsers & plattforms. The car is a Model 2 with HW 2.5 and 2019.20.1 This problem happens for more users than me it seems in the forums.
  4. I've tried running the latest version of ABRP (3.7) in the browser on my AP 2.0 car. It seems to run OK, perhaps a bit slow. I have two questions: 1) In a YouTube video from Now You Know done in a Model 3, ABRP popped up a login prompt right after starting up in the browser, and the login feature apparently ties the website to vehicle data & data transfer. I don't see that login prompt in my vehicle. Is that because I'm using an older browser (AP 2.0)? 2) The YouTube video also showed a bunch of customization possible in ABRP running in the vehicle after the login prompt. I don't see any of them in ABRP running in my vehicle. Am I missing some tab/feature that reveals this? 2) I see NaN's in the time of arrival columns for a trip planned in my vehicle. It does show the trip duration time. I don't see the NaN's when planning the same trip on a desktop computer running Firefox & ABRP. Why are the NaN's appearing in the time columns? Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks!
  5. Hello, I must be doing something wrong as I'm sure I have been logged in to MyTesla successfully before (green dot). Now, when I click Show more settings > Live car connection > MyTesla Login the dialog box Select vehicle opens and displays my car name and the correct VIN. But when I click on the car name or VIN, the dialog box closes and I am not logged in. Logging out and entering MyTesla email and password again produces the same result. What am I doing wrong? (Using Chrome or MS Edge or the browser in the car. Same result.) I would appreciate any help.
  6. Where are you from? Atlanta GA What car do you drive? 2018 Model S 75D What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? Atlanta to Philadelphia round-trip Hi. I love this app, but synchronization is not working for me. I log in with my username (same as my login for this forum), and I don't see plans I created on another device. I'm wondering if it has to do with cookies. In my Tesla, there's a button for me to click, on the ABRP screen, to authorize the use of cookies, but nothing happens when I click it. Tesla browser is now much better than it used to be, but maybe Tesla browser doesn't allow cookies. (But synchronization also doesn't seem to work when I switch from a Macbook to a PC laptop.) It sure would be nice if I could plan a complex route, and conveniently access it in my car's browser. Also, when I send the next step of the route to the car, Tesla Navigation doesn't seem to realize that it's a Tesla Supercharger destination. I'm thinking it would be better if it knew that. Like, for making sure the battery is warmed up for charging. But maybe on a long trip, the battery is ALWAYS warm enough, when you get to a Supercharger?? ABRP is so good (for long complex trips) that I don't really even need Tesla Navigation anymore. But it would be great if I could access my pre-planned routes. Please advise...
  7. There is not enough room on my web browser screen to see all the settings. Thus I can't login. I need a way to reduce the settings box.
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