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Found 5 results

  1. Can you use ABRP to read the SoC off of the obdii dongle in a Leaf Plus?
  2. I am currently trying to figure out how to connect the ABRP app to my 2020 e-Golf. Is it at all possible to a iOS device at this time? If it is, what do I need to get it working? Bets regards Martin Hansen
  3. The AutoPi ABRP script is to a point where I'm much happier with its behavior. If there's interest, I'd be happy to add car support for the cars we know PIDs for (mainly Ioniq and Soul), but I need people with AutoPi and those cars to test the script to make sure it works. Reply here if you'd like to be a guinea pig for that work. Benefits to the AutoPi: Standalone car data - get notified when done charging, or find your car in a crowded parking lot. WiFi Hotspot in your car Quick update rate - get very accurate calibration I'm also open to helping add support for any other vehicles whose OBD/CAN PIDs are known. I haven't yet spent much time on learning how to reverse engineer the CAN traffic, so that's a little out of my grasp so far. Link to the ABRP AutoPi Repository: https://github.com/iternio/autopi-link
  4. Description: Route planning does not take into account current SOC, until the route has started. Type: App (4.0.30) Link to Plan: n/a Replication Steps: Check live data SOC in ABRP Plan a route confirm ABRP uses start at 100% SOC Start route. Confirm ABRP replans based on live SOC
  5. Description: I have Live Data set-up with OVMS. It works fine - when I turn on “Automatic settings” the current SoC etc is all correctly displayed. However, when I try to plan a route the blue button changes to the loading icon but nothing happens. I’ve tried multiple routes and no luck each time. The video attached shows the problem. Type: The issue occurs in both the app and the website. Thank you! ABRP bug-Good quality MPEG-4.mp4
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