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Found 4 results

  1. This is the first time I’ve use the app, and when setting up a route, the app repeatedly crashes when selecting the “Avoid on route - car live data” option in the route settings. Originally I was just testing out all the options, and changed “Avoid on route” to “car live data.” Now I cannot change the setting since the app crashes every time. Running on latest non-beta iOS 13.3.
  2. Any recommendations on WIFI/Bluetooth OBD dangles? Also do these OBD dangles work directly with the new IOS and Android apps of ABRD, or do they need to have and intermediate apps such a Torque Pro? Thank you for any advice.
  3. iOS 13.3, iPhone SE, ABRP 3.9.0 App set to use Units=Imperial. On Trip Overview screen, the overall distance is reported as KM while each leg is MI.
  4. Hi I’m new. I’ll be taking delivery of a Kona in January. I’ve read around the site. Can’t find anything on uploading live data from an iPhone. Looks like the best OBD apps fir iPhone are either OBDII Auto Doctor or EngineLink. They also seem particular about what OBD units they will talk to e.g. Vgate iCAR BLE. I would welcome any recommendations, even if that is to wait awhile. Thanks. I look forward to sharing Kona data from an Irish road user using my iPhone. Paul

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