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Found 4 results

  1. Is my Leafspy config set up wrong as my charging power only show "NaN kW"? Everything else looks fine. Live data for charging is reported. Such as charging duration vs. Battery %. Any advise? ? (iOS and iPadOS)
  2. Description: Add a setting or option to minimize the number of stops required on a given trip. This could be a simple checkbox in the advanced settings menu to minimize stops, and it would calculate a route with the fewest possible number of charging stops possible within the given route, with the understanding that each stop could be longer. Use Case: The default route planning behaviour appears to be to minimize the amount of time spent charging at each stop. However there may be cases where I would prefer to take a longer stop and make a longer drive with fewer stops overall in my trip. Rather than manually set each charging station to "take a longer break", it would be nice for the route to just be prioritized for longer but fewer stops.
  3. Hey there, I have noticed that the charging duration can't be correct as it was just shown me by ABRP. As it can be seen in all charging curves IONIQ drops charging speed at 83% to 24kW and goes down to around 22kW until 91% which takes ~7 minutes. Charging further will slow down to around 11kW until 94% and then the CCS chargings stops. This takes another 3 and a half minutes. The second charging stop should take something around 26 minutes, not 16. Could you please check this in the database? The plan uuid is f36b2863-16be-4ca7-b771-2790802c7592. Best regards Alex
  4. Hello I'm expecting to buy an Kia Niro EV, when it appears here in Germany. During the waiting time I'm playing around with the planner to learn something about route planning strategy and have some questions. Which charging curve is currently assumed for the Kia Niro 64? There are some around the www (https://goo.gl/images/EengQa) from equal Kona 64 which indicates around 45kW between 10% and around 73% on 50kW chargers and average 65kW for +100KW chargers. Which values is the planner taking into account for "automatic" planning? If I add a charger manually to the plan the maximum charging speed is automatically added to the waypoint options. But how is the charging time (in brackets) calculated? It's not with the Max. speed of the charger. But it's also not with the average values from above even if I enter that manually? What is it? Example: Using a 175kW charger and charge from 10% to 48%. The brackets tell me 38min. Delta 38% is 64kWh x 0,38 = 24,3kWh / 65kW speed = 0,37 * 60min = 22min. I love your planner and would like to contribute data when I get my Niro. Go on with your great work. Your planner is really needed in the EV world. Bye
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