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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone. I will share the addon here for those who use the autopi and want to receive information via telegram. At this time, the addon sends information every 5% of the battery when it is charged. Just replace by your bot_token and chat_id. I look forward to feedback. my_telegram.py
  2. The AutoPi ABRP script is to a point where I'm much happier with its behavior. If there's interest, I'd be happy to add car support for the cars we know PIDs for (mainly Ioniq and Soul), but I need people with AutoPi and those cars to test the script to make sure it works. Reply here if you'd like to be a guinea pig for that work. Benefits to the AutoPi: Standalone car data - get notified when done charging, or find your car in a crowded parking lot. WiFi Hotspot in your car Quick update rate - get very accurate calibration I'm also open to helping add support for any other vehicles whose OBD/CAN PIDs are known. I haven't yet spent much time on learning how to reverse engineer the CAN traffic, so that's a little out of my grasp so far. Link to the ABRP AutoPi Repository: https://github.com/iternio/autopi-link
  3. Description: Integration of ABRP with autopi device to provide OBD data directly to the application. Use Case: Autopi is a powerful hardware platform with many possibilities to benefit the EV driver and is available with or without cellular (4G) connection. Purchasing without the cellular dongle is appealing due to the lower outlay for the hardware and contract for the SIM. Having ABRP query the OBD data directly (over port 35000 for example) would remove the need to have the data upload to ABRP's servers via a cellular connection. This is beneficial as cellular connections are typically patchy in the locations where you most need them (such as planning an unexpected recharge-stop). The existing use-case is as follows: - Torque Pro or EV Notify ("the app") queries the OBD device either over BT or WiFi. The app then sends the data through the API to ABRP's servers. ABRP then downloads that data to create a dynamic overview of the battery SoC, temp, SoH... In the proposed sutuation the autopi device would become the AP (or hotspot if cellular is needed/enabled) with the phone/tablet running ABRP and querying the autopi device for OBD data. If needed, the phone/tablet could instead be specified as the network gateway to provide a route to the internet, etc. Additionally, upload of the OBD data to ABRP's servers could also be enabled, probably directly from the autopi too, if needed. Additionally, autopi may also be able to provide logging facilities (for OBD data or trip data from ABRP) as a local point of reference for users. Hopefully this makes sense.
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