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  1. Same issue with this ferry crossing. Works fine with a Tesla (https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=dfd1de1d-7988-4019-9598-29dbdf0444ae) but fails with a Leaf, even though the amount of driving is minimal.
  2. These guys are doing something similar but different. A plug and play box to record monthly consumption, rather than trip information, but I suspect similar technical challenges. https://flipthefleet.org/ev-black-box/
  3. So it seems this is hooked up now - Thanks so much!! Good to know the latest live data is now showing 🙂
  4. Yup a more informative message would be a good start. Perhaps "No Route Found - (Change Settings) (Report Error)" ie prompt people to review their settings, rather than resetting to default. Maybe they changed one setting and forgot about it, but everything else is their preferred settings which might be a pain if reset. You could add a "Reset Settings" button next to a renamed "Reset Route" button to offer that functionality if you wanted.
  5. Description: I note that you list a variety of sources for your charger data. I thought I'd let you know about EVROAM which is the official NZ API for electric vehicle charging stations. It should be more reliable than Open Charge Map (although it has a fairly strict set of criteria for stations to be listed, so it is not a complete fast charger database) Use Case: This would help ensure that NZ users have the most up-to-date charging information. For example, when planning a journey between Auckland and Wellington (our biggest city and capital) the Waiouru charger is not show
  6. Description: It took me a while to realise that 'No plan found' wasn't a bug but meant that I would run out of battery if I attempted that trip. However, it would be useful to give some more useful feedback. Potentially display the journey anyway, with the predicted negative charge. This would give users an indication of the part of the route that was not achievable which could help them plan an alternative route or choose to stay the night somewhere or only go part-way. Use Case: This would be useful for anyone who attempts an impossible journey! Would be interesting to know
  7. Arthur

    Kia Ora!

    Where are you from? Christchurch, New Zealand What car do you drive? Nissan Leaf (24kWh) What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? 550km in one day, about 10 charges from memory... Christchurch north to Culverden, but then the trip was aborted. Return to Christchurch and then south to Dunedin! PS I'm a web developer for a GIS company... let me know if you're looking for contributors! I built a web app showing NZ charging stations (https://hiko.kiwi/). Started to work on a route planning / charge prediction feature for that which I got partially working (although not live)
  8. Description: I like that you can click on the route to view the elevation/charging map. However, I'd really like to be able to see the full journey (not just each journey segment) and preferably larger. Perhaps this could be a toggle similar to the no-map mode. In fact, I now wonder if that is what shows when you add real-time information while driving (I don't have an OBD... yet at least!) In which case, perhaps enable the graph for people who don't have an OBD. Obviously it won't show the actual charge line, but it can still show predicted charge and you could use GPS position to
  9. Perhaps it would be useful to have a 'Navigate here' button on the charger popup that sends you to your preferred navigation app? Do something like recommended here https://medium.com/@colinlord/opening-native-map-apps-from-the-mobile-browser-afd66fbbb8a4
  10. This is awesome! One bit of feedback though - similar to Armin I am struggling to see the map/charger when there is a long route open. I think it would be nice if this 'Next charger' button was on the quick menu (ie the plus button on the bottom RH corner). This would mean it can be easily accessed without having another popup open.
  11. Description: Please add an Australasia (or Oceania) drop-down to the region menu for slow charger filters. This would cover both New Zealand (my home!) and Australia (who have the same plugs as us) and potentially some other countries. EV Plugs: Type 2 (official AC plug for NZ), J-1772 (also common), North American Tesla (I think - don't have a Tesla so not too familiar sadly) Wall plug: Type I, CEE Blue Use Case: This would make journey planning in NZ/Aus much easier. We have a pretty good EV charging network but it is patchy in places, so cannot rely on fast charge

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