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  1. Fantastic, you're totally correct. I had missed that...doh!
  2. So impressed with ABRP, I've just send your donation to support your server costs. It's the least I can do. Keep up the good work 👍
  3. Glyn

    A Better Routeplanner 3.3

    The above link doesn't seem to work: https://forum.abetterrouteplanner.com/blogs/entry/16-generic-obd-and-torque-pro-setup-instructions/
  4. Awesome! I can confirm it's working now! Nice work 😃 This is so useful for Nissan LEAF drivers, I intend to test it out on a long trip across Europe soon (see attached). It's totally amazing that ABRP can calcualte this route! Is there any chance you could add the options to enter economy in miles/kWh (UK) and km/100kWh (Europe). Also in the UK we use miles for distance and degrees Celsius for temperature...we're strange like this 🙃. Currently, there is no way in ABRP to have both miles and deg C.
  5. Thanks a lot for the prompt replay. Ok, that's good to know I had leafspy open in the foreground on a separate device to ABRP. Is it possible to check on your backed system if you can see any data from my leaf spy arriving successfully? I wish leafspy would show a successful server connection message
  6. I noticed the ID token changes each time I refresh ABRP, is it therefore required to update the ID token in leafspy each time ABRP is to be used? This is a bit cumbersome. I ticked 'hide' next to the password field after this screenshot was taken, it didn't seem to make a difference.
  7. It's just noticed that ABRP supports live data from Leaf Spy, this is fantastic. However, I'm having trouble getting it to work. I've entered the ID and URL into leafspy and selected https. Leafspy is not showing any errors therefore I assume the data is being posted to your server correctly. However when i refresh the live data display in ABRP no data is showing. How can I debug this? Can you check my account to see if any data is being received from leafspy? I can't find any info of other users using this feature, has this feature been tested before?
  8. How do you advance to the next step? e.g once you have travelled to the first step and would like to share the next step with the car? Will ABRP use the phone GPS to figure out which step is 'next'? Amazing planning tool, nice work 👍
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