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  1. More vehichles with ~800V systems will come but many of todays DC charger does not go that high in voltage. Is there a charger databasen that specifies the maximum voltage so that it is possible to see this? I guess the max power of the charger can give a hint but would be intresting to see this.
  2. There was an update quite recently. But I think it recives the data correctly as it recalculates after driving is started and then estimates arrival SoC very accuratly. It just does not show the calibrated value. Could it be due to old data stored on my account? Could it be reset?
  3. @Jason (ABRP) Could it be an issue related to the Leaf and how data is sent from Leaf Spy? Or do I make a stupid misstake?
  4. Description: The app crashes when trying to plot power in "My Drives" Type: App 4.0.16 Link to Plan: N/A Replication Steps: Go into "My Drives" Show plot of previous drive. When selecting to plot "Power" the app crashes. (The data is stored with Leaf Spy Pro from a Leaf 62 kWh.)
  5. How do I see the estimated consumption while driving and afterwards when making a new plan? Have seen screenshots on the forum where the consuption is showed in the live SOC graph and also in the settings window. But it does not appear there for me. Is there some setting I am missing? (Leaf 62 kWh)
  6. @Jason (ABRP) The 40kWh leaf is now replaced with a 62kWh and I have done some measurements. (The data is also uploaded to your server via LeafSpy) When fully charged our Leaf always have around 750 Gids. That is also what LeafySpy use as default for 100% Gids. And when it is empty (dash shows 0%) it has ~75 Gids. The SOH is 99,4% Eg at least for our car a more suitable model would be: gids_max = 750 gid_min = 75 ahr_max = 176.4 Would mean that the available energy is ~52-53 kWh Can you see from other contributed data if other cars really charge up to 775 Gids?
  7. We are some Leaf 24 and 40kWh users that have provided data to improve those models in ABRP. If you want to do the same for 30kWh to improve that model for you and other Leaf 30kWh users we can help with analyzing the data if you want. And Jason is usually very quick with making updates.
  8. Well as you say @Jason (ABRP) we don't understand exactly how the Dash % is calculated but it corresponds quite ok with the equation used by ABRP. However there is a spreed of several %, up to ~5%, and it is not constant but can differ on the same car from different drives. Eg a deviation of 2-5% seems possible. In the plot below is data from Leaf 40kWh where the straight line is the equation used by ABRP. If @Frankesousahave similar data from Leaf30kWh it would be easier to see how it deviates.
  9. Polestar 2 will be the first car with infotainment system power by android. Probably this will come to other cars as well. https://www.polestar.com/press-release/2019/05/07/polestar-unlocks-android-developer-potential-at-google-i-o Do you think it will be possible in the future to develop an ABRP app for this? Would be nice if the would be an API allowing access to the needed data, but the chances for that is probably quite small or what do you think?
  10. Jilldris

    LeafSpy error msg

    Upcoming LeafSpy feature? 😀
  11. Ok! Understand that you don't have time for everything. Is amazed of all functionality you manage to add to ABRP.
  12. This would be extremely interesting to see @Jason (ABRP) :) The reason many of us provide the data is to try to help improve the model. (But we understand that LeafSpy data is not optimal)
  13. I made a post on the mynissanleaf forum and a user posted data from a new fully charged 62kWh Leaf. (http://www.mynissanleaf.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=28950&p=557895#p557895) It charged to 775 gids and the ahr scaled to 100% SOH was 176.4. No data from empty battery available yet but I think your assumption make sense Jason, so 75 is probably a good starting point until more data is available. Then roughly 54.2 kWh available from fully charged to when dash shows 0%. How is it, do you calculate the usable energy from gids_max and gids_min? Or do you enter it manually? gids_max
  14. @JohnT @Jason (ABRP) Yes. My data is with 99% SOH. I plotted that with the data I got from TeslaBjörns videos with the Leaf that seems to have 95% SOH. An then added the linear equations from ABRP for 99 and 95% SOH. I guess it is difficult to say much with so little data. But generally it looks better for higher SOC. But I guess it is quite ok even though the difference is a little higher in the lower end. I have some thoughts though: -Maybe both Gids_min and Gids_max changes with SOH? It would be interesting with more data at low SOC for more cars with different SOH.
  15. Found more data on saved picture in my phone, some of it from when the car was driven down to 0%. Also got some from a couple of youtube videos.
  16. My father have worked hard today to gather data. 😊 Here is the update. Maybe the trend is linear anyway, but the variation looks high. I have also added all data in a google sheet. So if someone want to contribute data it is open for editing. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11W9jb5mKgAWM4jY7cNBAjjJYi1DoTpHeH5WCUDWDhf0/edit?usp=sharing
  17. Nice! I can put up a public google sheet were people can contribute. Can post the link in a swedish facebook group also.
  18. Yes it is very strange why they do like this. Someone that understands the reason for implementing these non-linear behaviours?
  19. That is no problem. If you want you can make one reading per day, that would be very useful. And you don't need to run ABRP. You only need to note the % the Leaf show in the dash (Dash% we have called it above) and the data from LeafSpy (Gids, SOC, SOH, Battery temp). I can make a public google sheet were people could contribute data if they want.
  20. Have now checked a couple of points for the Leaf 40kWh now to see how the new equation for Dash% works out. There have been a difference of a couple of percent. So i plotted the data points with the equation active in LeafSpy. Unfortunalty it looks like it is not really linear. Also plotted Gids and LeafSpy SoC against Dash% and it is quite clear that it is not linear. Have asked my father to make notes of more data points to get more data. There is not more people here that have this kind of data for the Leaf 40kWh that we could compare with?
  21. Sure I will check more with him. However I think the main point is this: They every week drive trips so long that they have to charge during the day. Or actually they are often on the limit of if they need to charge or not. But they do not dare to not charge as there is no reliable range estimation in the Leaf. So for this it would be good for them to use ABRP to see if they really need to charge, and if they charge how much that is needed. However as the Dash% vs ABRP% have not corresponded they have not really seen how this will make them more confident. Which I can understand.
  22. Thanks! I understand. What made me confused was that the car would show in the dash that there is battery remaing until you reach 0 Gids, eg even past the point you have reach turtle. But maybee I missunderstood that? Beacuse is there even a % number in the dash for remaining battery in Leaf24/30kWh as in the Leaf40kWh?
  23. It is my parents that drive the Leaf 40kWh. I will see if I can check during the weekend if I am there how the new computation works. But maybe more people here also have 40kWh Leaf? I am trying to get my father to use ABRP but he think is it a little difficult. I hope that if we get the ABRP% to match the display % it will make more sense for him. The splitscreen tip from Stefan_K was also good, he likes having Leafspy up to check battery temp. Splitscreen for LeafSpy and mapless mode seems nice to avoid having to use two devices.
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