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  1. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    Ah ok! 👍
  2. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    Thanks! I understand. What made me confused was that the car would show in the dash that there is battery remaing until you reach 0 Gids, eg even past the point you have reach turtle. But maybee I missunderstood that? Beacuse is there even a % number in the dash for remaining battery in Leaf24/30kWh as in the Leaf40kWh?
  3. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    It is my parents that drive the Leaf 40kWh. I will see if I can check during the weekend if I am there how the new computation works. But maybe more people here also have 40kWh Leaf? I am trying to get my father to use ABRP but he think is it a little difficult. I hope that if we get the ABRP% to match the display % it will make more sense for him. The splitscreen tip from Stefan_K was also good, he likes having Leafspy up to check battery temp. Splitscreen for LeafSpy and mapless mode seems nice to avoid having to use two devices.
  4. Jilldris

    More Supercharger Options

    ok, that is very good!
  5. Jilldris

    More Supercharger Options

    I like both suggestions! Regarding adding the charger as waypoint, I have also done that some times to acchive this. However it comes with the drawback that you need to specify the charge power manually, it does not use the charge power vs SOC curve for the car, right?
  6. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    @JohnT I mean the Dash battery %. Yes that equation looks better. Intresting data. So with the 24kWh version it is possible to drive the car until LeafSpy shows 0 Gids and it is not until then the dash shows 0%? @Jason (ABRP) These equations will then be used to calculate the actual "ABRP %" shown in ABRP when you use live data? Which will hopefully correspond quite good with the Leaf Dash%, However how will the correlation to avalible energy be? Is avalible energy calculated as "ABRP %" multiplied with a constant for each Leaf type? Or are you calculating avalible energy as (Gids-Gids_min)*GidsEnergyConstant?
  7. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    Just noticed that there were more SOH - Ahr data in the picture from the post above from Stefan_K. Added that datapoint and it also gives 115,44 as maximum Ahr.
  8. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    Interesting. Was this the calculation used last weekend or have it been added later? Sounds smart to use Ahr/Ahr_max to calculate SOH. However I see some discrepancy’s with our car, maybe the cars are different to some extent? Regarding Ahr_max I looked at some old saved data where I can see SOH and Ahr. When calculating Ahr at 100 SOH for our car it is 115,44, see below. Also regarding GIDS. Our car charges usually to 490-500 GIDS when full, e.g. quite much more than 460. The formula also assumes that GIDS are 0 when the display shows 0% which is probably never the case. Our car rather have ~50 GIDS when the display shows 0%. So for our car I would say that the formula would more be more like below (if I did not mess up the straight line equation ) SOC=(Gids/((Gids_max/Gids_min)*(Ahr/Ahr_min)-Gids_min))-(1/((Gids_max/Gids_min)*(Ahr/Ahr_min)-1)) Where Gids_max=495 Gids_min=50 Ahr_max=115,44 This assumes the SOC window only shrinks from the top with decreasing SOH, does anyone knows if that is they case? Anyway it is probably a very good approximation. Regarding the filter for faulty data. Thanks for the quick fix for that! Amazingly quick as always! 👍
  9. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    We made a trip last weekend. After adjusting the consumption which seems to be ~200wh/km now in winter the prediction was very accuracy. And I really liked the mapless mode! Well done! A couple of times I had problem with that LeafSpy lost connection and reconnected again. It might be my OBD adapter that is not that good. However everytime that happend it seemed to send strange data to ABRP. At least some times if showed negative SOC value which caused a dip in the actual SOC plot, see picture. Is there some possibility to detected this and filter this kind of rubbish data? Another thing I noticed was that actual SOC is no longer the same value as showed in LeafSpy. I guess you have added some kind of calculation to estimate the SOC shown in the car display instead. Is that correct? Unfortunatly it did not correspond so well for us. Is it possible to propose another way to calculate it, or maybe this corrsponds well for others?
  10. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    Is it possible to say something about how much data that is coming in trough the data upload for Leaf 40kWh and how much more that is needed before it is possible to make a comparison against the theoretical consumption model?
  11. Jilldris

    Android Auto

    Nice, looking forward to test the no-map mode!
  12. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - BMW i3

    Here is some data about i3 120ah charge power if you want to add that model. (I dont have one myselfe)
  13. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    Ah ok, perfect! Will try again but will take some time until I have access to the car.
  14. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    Made a new test during Friday evening, at first the real time data worked fine in the driving mode and I received the data in ABRP that was uploaded by LeafSpy. However unfortunately it stopped working after a while and I also saw some error messages in LeafSpy (they disappear so quickly that I did not get a screenshot). Regarding display SoC and Gids, I need to read further on the topic to be able to give some input. But probably it is best to base it on Gids as Gyula proposes. @Gyula, do you know if the lower end of the SoC window is fixed (ex LBW, VLBW and 0% display SoC) and it is only the upper end of the SoC window that shrinks with decreased SOH? I guess that would make it simpler.
  15. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    The display SOC is higer for high state of charge and lower for low state of charge. Here someone have plotted it, I hope your browser can translate for you. http://snabbladdad.se/2018/11/25/data-fran-leafspy-pro/

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