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  1. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - BMW i3

    Here is some data about i3 120ah charge power if you want to add that model. (I dont have one myselfe)
  2. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    Ah ok, perfect! Will try again but will take some time until I have access to the car.
  3. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    Made a new test during Friday evening, at first the real time data worked fine in the driving mode and I received the data in ABRP that was uploaded by LeafSpy. However unfortunately it stopped working after a while and I also saw some error messages in LeafSpy (they disappear so quickly that I did not get a screenshot). Regarding display SoC and Gids, I need to read further on the topic to be able to give some input. But probably it is best to base it on Gids as Gyula proposes. @Gyula, do you know if the lower end of the SoC window is fixed (ex LBW, VLBW and 0% display SoC) and it is only the upper end of the SoC window that shrinks with decreased SOH? I guess that would make it simpler.
  4. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    The display SOC is higer for high state of charge and lower for low state of charge. Here someone have plotted it, I hope your browser can translate for you. http://snabbladdad.se/2018/11/25/data-fran-leafspy-pro/
  5. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    Ah ok, yes and while fully charged according to display SoC the LeafSpy SoC does not reach 100% either. I am new to the Leaf world so I might be wrong but as I understand the reason is that in the early days when the Leaf CAN bus was explored they found a signal indicating energy in the battery. As they did not know the scaling of it they used the raw value and called it Gids after the person who found it. Hard core Leaf users think in Gids and use that to know their state of charge. Their still seems to be some different opinions about exactly how much energy 1 Gids are but a standard value what I have read is 1 Gids=77.5Wh. This is what LeafSpy use as default but it is possible to adjust in the settings. Yes it is probably smart to wait a little until things are more tested.
  6. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    Ah, ok! Quick bugfix as always with ABRP, well done! Will try again as soon as possible then. Regarding SOH, it is not included in the logged data now but might be something that could be added in the future if you are talking to the LeafSpy developer? Good for the trip planning and also when you start to get a lot of driving data from different vehicles it might be interesting to plot SOH vs Odometer mileage? :) But perhaps it is possible to calculate the SOH from the relation between SOC and Gids (kWh)? By the way how do you calculate the remaining “SOC” shown in the car display from the logged data? Is there many Leafs contributing data over OBD? Do you want us to promote this in Leaf forums and facebook groups or do you prefer to wait until it is tested more and maybe also that the LeafSpy updates are available? (Do you have any idea of when the LeafSpy updates might be done?)
  7. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    No the batteri degradation was not adjusted correct, will do that next time. In the future can the SOH also be included in the Leaf Spy log maybe? I was running Leaf Spy on a seperate device so i guess it should have worked. Does something need to be done to activate that ABRP use the data from the server? While standing still I tried to leave the SOC input in ABRP blank and then it showed 90% in grey (instead of 100% that the car display showed) which I assuemed was some old data and that the upload from the Leaf Spy device did not work. So then I entered 100% SOC manually and started drivning, only got the manual drive mode with the batteri where SOC can be changed with the arrows, eg no data from server upload was used.
  8. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    Forget my comment about the avalible energy, it looks ok.
  9. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    Nice! Thanks! What I can see it looks quite good. As the Leaf is my parent’s car I have limited possibilities to test, other people might have better feedback. However we used the car during the weekend to go to a shopping center. The distance was 45 km and there were charging possibilities so we started with 100% charge both on the way there and back. I checked the trip planning with ABRP using default reference consumption and battery degradation. The reference speed and max speed was set to best effort estimation. The actual arrival SOC according to the car display was very close to what was estimated with ABRP, very impressive. However I am not sure if I was driving exactly the same speed as in the plan, probably the speed was little lower due to the margin added on the Leaf speedometer. So on the way home I tested the driving mode (without LeafSpy connection). The estimated SOC was quite close, however I had to manually reduce the actual estimated SOC a 1-2 percent after a while in the driving mode. So the consumption seems slightly higher in our car. So some small conclusions (however this short drive is probably not enough for making conclusions): -Estimated arrival SOC quite close to the actual arrival SOC, impressive! -The available energy in the model is maybe a little high still. Our car will have less energy available with 5% degradation. -The reference consumption for our car is probably a little higher. But in general I think it looks very good! Next step is maybe to get good data from LeafSpy uploads to improve the model? But I have had issue with the LeafSpy upload. Last weekend when I tested I managed to get the upload working one time so that data in the drive mode was updated automatically, but after that it didn’t work. And this weekend I didn’t get it to work at all. I sometimes sees a brief fault message in LeafSpy with “java error” or something and the address to ABRP server. It is only showed for 1s or so which makes it difficult to read. What I can see I have used exactly the settings in the instructions in the blog. Tested with 2 different phones and two different ABRP accounts. Something other that needs to be considered?
  10. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    Sounds good!
  11. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    The strange thing is that most places I read it says 36-37 kWh usable, even in the comment section of the link i provided above. But then I assume people is talking about fully charge to when the car actually stops. 100%->0% in the instrument cluster makes more sense to define as usable energy as most people will not go below 0%, Don't know the data for other Leafs but what I have read that there is similar behavior that there are quite some range available when the car reports 0%. Due to this it seems like that Hard core Leaf drivers use Leaf Spy to actually drive below 0% and utilize all range when doing longer trips. Leaf Spy also calculates available energy in kWh so that might be a possibility to also store in the log? Very nice to here that you are working with the Leaf Spy developer to add more data!
  12. Jilldris

    Android Auto

    Makes a lot of sense to focus on the parts contributing value to the electric car user instead of making a new turn-turn navigation. Your vision above seems very good. One thing though to have on the navigation screen if possible to solve with some kind of overlayed data would be to have the "Estimated SOC at destination" always visible. We made a road trip on Europe (Sweden-Spain 5900 km) last year in a Tesla Model S and what I appreciated most was to always see the reliable estimation of SOC at destination. Usually we planned the next leg of the trip while charging and set the next super charger as destination. To have a good estimation of SOC at destination was extremely helpful while driving and always made us feel safe. If the estimation started to become to low it was just to decrease the speed and wait for the number to stabilize on a higher number, and the same if the margin was "unnecessary" large then the speed could be increased a little.
  13. Jilldris

    Alpha Feedback - Nissan Leaf

    Nice! Yesterday I setup Leaf Spy and ABRP for my parents 40kWh Leaf so they could contribute some OBD data. Did some short tests today. However I had some thoughts: What data are you using to build the consumption model? Avalible remaining energy, actual power or some of the SOC values? Is the provided data also used to calculate the avalible energy for the car model? Because that looks a little high for the Leaf 40 kWh? What I can see you are using ~37,8 kWh for 100%? That seems high I think. My parents Leaf is new (and shows ~99,8% SOH) and the avalible energy at full charge is ~37.9 kWh. However all of that can not be used, and the car reports 0% even earlier. Have not driven the car to very low SOC yet, but see ex link below (even though the person in the film seem a little confused about how Leaf Spy works). He had 3.8 kWh remaining when car resports 0% which would mean that the avalible energy from 100%->0% in the car would be ~34kWh. Which actually more corresponds to the rate of which the % in the car drops while driving. I have increased the battery degradation the the ABRP settings to more than the default ~11% to compensate for this. https://insideevs.com/new-nissan-leaf-evaluated-at-0-charge-with-leaf-spy-pro/
  14. Jilldris

    Android Auto

    Sounds good! As the Leaf range estimator is so bad I am thinking that it would be very valuable to have ABRP on the car screen. The most important would be a good estimation of remaning range and estimation of SOC at arrival when navigating to a destination. However the ideal would of course be to have the ABRP features togheter with good turn by turn navigation. If that is best done completely within the ABRP or by using Google Maps or Waze and ABRP data overlayed you probably know best. I amazed for each new release of how good and smart features you add.
  15. Jilldris

    Android Auto

    Would be very nice to be able to run ABRP in Android Auto. However it would require ABRP to be an app, or?

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