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  1. Hello! I was attempting to pay for Premium ABRP via GPay (Google Pay) tonight and got an unusual error back from the GPay interface: Uh oh, something went wrong Unexpected developer error, please try again later. Capture of the error message (Redacted): This issue is repeatable, and happened each time with a number of retries. One interesting thing to note that may or may not be related to the problem, I'm using a GMail filter address as my actual ABRP account/signup email, but it is not exactly the same as my GPay user ID. Here's what I mean by that: ABRP
  2. Hello Pzucchel! Slightly off topic, but very related -- Would you mind sharing some general statistics on your recorded charging rates? A bunch of US owners are having heated discussions with a particular brand of charging provider (Electrify America) in the US on whether or not the Niro EV actually charges at rates higher than 75kW. We are disgruntled because their pricing is more than double per minute for the Niro because EA say it negotiates at a DCFC Max Rate of 84kW. I can say personally we have never seen more than 75kW (76kW tops very briefly) from a deep discharge in cool temps.
  3. We caught one leg (return side) of the trip's data. No rain, but it was a little windy. Hope it helps.
  4. Awesome! We've still got our road trip tomorrow afternoon, and it's likely going to be raining for some of it, so there might be some slightly different numbers from that trip. Thanks for all you do!
  5. Sounds good! We'll get it hooked up for the trip. Thanks!
  6. @Jason (ABRP) Here's a logistics question for you... We'll be making a ~70ish mile interstate road trip (one-way with the corresponding return trip) later this weekend in the Niro. We probably won't need to charge along the way. I'm trying to figure out if it's worthwhile to send up more data or not? Should we have a route planned via ABRP in order to send the live Torque logs? Is it more (or less) useful with the planned route set, or does it matter? Thanks! Todd
  7. At least for a large part of the trip, our SoC lined up on the webpage display, and it did appear to be transmitting. I sure hope so! We've only had it a couple of days now, but we put just under 500 miles on it to bring it home, and have loved it so far! The Stop & Go Cruise Control was absolutely brilliant in traffic, even coming to a full stop when it needed to. In normal flow of traffic, it kept following distances consistently and adjusted very well when interrupted by other vehicles. The Lane Keep & Lane Follow kept it between the lines even in some fairly significant tu
  8. Hello! Thanks for the very useful website! We had a whirlwind of an experience getting our new US model '19 Kia Niro EV (64kW) EX Premium, but we are loving it so far!! I already had the Torque Pro app, but I got the recommended Torque PIDs added and logging upload setup really quickly on our way back home with the new vehicle, so I'm hoping it worked out. If it did, you should have gotten a few hours worth of data from a US Kia e-Niro this past Tuesday throughout the day traveling from the east coast into the midwest. It looked like it was working a majority of the time, but I'm

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