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  1. "Share Next Step" does nothing. I click on it and it just sits there, no response, no message... Nothing. What's supposed to happen? It says, "Share to App..." What app? The Tesla app, is there a ABRP app?
  2. I may have dreamed this, but I thought I saw somewhere that once one has a trip planned in ABRP, that routing and all of its data can be sent to the on board Tesla navigation, and override the basic Tesla navigation options. I have an upcoming multi-stop/multi-SuperCharger trip coming up with some customized ABRP routings--nothing that either Google or Tesla would support. Is there anyway to upload this routing to the car and use it instead of the limited Tesla routing? If so, will the Navigate on Autopilot be able to read the ABRP routing the same as if it were the Tesla routing? Has anyone done this? How'd you do it? Thanks...

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