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  1. Well, no luck. I disabled Android Auto on the phone, and the navigation still froze. I even thought it might be related to another app I have that does location tracking, so I disabled it, and that didn't work either. I may drag my laptop along one day and hook up my phone and look at the logs through the debugger. Maybe that will tell me something.
  2. Well, it is definitely something with my Pixel. I tried again on Friday, and the navigation froze again. It went about 5 minutes before it briefly froze, then worked again for about 30 more seconds after it unfroze, then froze for the rest of the 30 minute drive. I tried again today with an extra phone that I've got, a Nexus 6, and had no issues with the navigation. The two big differences between the phone are that the Nexus is running Android 7, whereas the Pixel is running Android 10, and that the Nexus does not have Android Auto installed, the Pixel does. I am going to try disabli
  3. I am running the latest version. It may be that Android Auto was running in the background. I can try again in a couple of days and kill AA if it is running in the background. I know back in September, using the old ABRP site, I didn't have any issues with it stopping tracking my location. And I'm pretty sure I was using AA during that trip. Now, no matter which way I try it, the app, the old ABRP site, or the new ABRP site, it will stop tracking after a few seconds to a couple of minutes. I'll let you know in a couple of days how it goes. It was because of ABRP that I was willing
  4. I drive a 2019 Chevy Bolt. I use Torque to upload the data to the servers.
  5. I've tried using the ABRP Android app, the old web site, and the new web site, and in all 3 cases, after a couple of minutes, the navigation will freeze. I know the data is still getting through, because my SoC updates, but my current location will not update. It made for a really interesting trip yesterday, as I didn't know how my battery use was going, and I ended up making it to a charger with 2% left. Has anyone else experienced this? I haven't used ABRP in a few months, but when I used it back in September, before the new.abetterrouteplanner.com site was up, it worked just fine. I am
  6. At least for me, I know it was selected because when I cleared the cache for Torque, I had to go through the setup process again, so I had to select all of the different PIDs to send. It's strange to me because after clearing Chrome's cache, so I got a new ID to use in Torque, and clearing Torque's cache, so I had to reset the server address and ID, plus reselect all of the PIDs, it was still showing a 20% state of charge. It seems like somehow it got my account locked to the old information. I've got another drive in the morning, so I'll try it again and see if it's w
  7. I'm seeing this same problem. I have a 2019 Bolt EV. I recently took a long trip. On September 15th, on my trip down to my vacation,it was working fine. However, when heading home yesterday, it gives me this same screen. It is always reporting my SoC at 20%. I have tried every trick I know, clearing Chrome's cache, clearing Torque's cache, restarting my phone, even unplugging and plugging in the reader, and it is always reporting 20% and showing those same errors on the live data screen.
  8. My guess is for long trips that involve overnight stops. People could look for places that have a 240v plugin available if they have a portable L2 charger vs people needing to only look for 120v plugins if they just have a portable L1 charger.
  9. This may be a two birds with one stone idea. I've noticed that, when ABRP uses defaults, they tend not to be too far off, and can somewhat be compensated for by setting a reference speed above 100%. But, the issue there is that it uses that percentage along the whole route, which can incorrectly modify some speeds. For example, I usually drive about 5mph over the speed limit. So, I want it to plan for me doing 75mph in a 70mph zone. So I feed in 107% for the reference speed. That's fine for 70mph zones, but in slower zones, like a 45mph zone, 107% will underestimate the speed. Maybe hav
  10. Just as an update, after I did a cache clear, the app has been working for me with no issues.
  11. @edwinth There is a conversation going on in the thread I originally started about live data not showing up (https://forum.abetterrouteplanner.com/topic/644-live-data-not-showing-up/). One of the ABRP devs, Jason, replied in there that he had been working on a better interaction between the front and back end and that there has been some kind of unforeseen interaction.
  12. It did work for me yesterday afternoon, and based on the time this reply was posted, the revert happened after I used it. This morning, it did not work for me again. Would the revert have reset the keys? If so, I'll clear my cache again and hopefully everything is straightened out. Otherwise, the revert did not appear to correct the problem.
  13. That is not normal. That is something that seems to have started recently. I've been using ABRP with no issues for months, but right now, I cannot get live data for more than 1 trip. It worked for me yesterday (after clearing the cache on my browser on my phone), but this morning, it did not work again. I think it is changing the key for me as well, but my browser has the old one cached, so I don't see the new one until I clear the cache. This has been mentioned in a couple of other threads, and it is happening to people using both Torque and EVNotify.
  14. I'm have a very similar issue with Torque. I have a Bolt EV, so I can't use EV Notify, but with Torque, I'll get it set up to view live data. I'll sometimes get live data for 1 trip (but that doesn't always work), but the next time I try to use it, no live data shows up. I can get it to work for another trip by clearing the cache on Chrome, but that causes it to regenerate the user ID to put in to Torque, so I have to go through that set up again. This has only recently been an issue.
  15. Once I changed the upload link back to the bolt link, live data started working. However, now it only seems to work once. I'll get it set up and have it work for 1 trip. But, the next trip I try to use it, the live data doesn't show up. I double check that the ID I have in Torque is the same as what I see in the setup dialog, and it always matches what it should be. And I know Torque is getting the data, because I put a floating widget up over the browser window and see the data changing. The only way I can get it to show up again is to clear the cache in Chrome, but that causes it to ge
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