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  1. This is not really an issue with ABRP as much as your choice on how you want data displayed. You have it displayed in km but many people, myself included, suggest you changing it to battery percentage. It makes life a lot easier because you can see exactly when 78% is instead of doing the math like in your example.
  2. When you share a plan using "My location" as the starting point, it's hard for anyone outside your city, or continent to see what you are seeing.
  3. Description: ABRP does not seem to respect the desired SoC setting for waypoints, unless it's the final destination. Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=efdcfbd8-fbbe-40f4-be52-29cd3400570c Replication Steps: Create a drive from your home to a destination some distance away. Then press the roundtrip button so it routes you back home. So out, and back. Set a destination SoC and noticed this gets attached to your starting location (home) Also click on the gear icon next to your destination and set a desired SoC that is higher than you'd normally get. For example, if you start with 80% charge, with one charger stop along the way, and you'd end up with 50% at the destination, change the desired SoC to 60% Run the routing and notice that no matter what you set for the SoC, it will just recommend the same amount of charge at the SoC and it'll never change the arrival SoC at the first location.
  4. I have been planning trips with ABRP since I got my car but since I have a Standard Range Plus Model 3, I don't have an in-car browser. I have logged into both my Tesla and ABRP accounts on my phone and can pull up the plan but there seems to be a disconnect because there's really no way of telling ABRP I'm on the road starting my trip, if I am going somewhere else altogether, or am actually just running errands. It's not like running Waze or Google Maps navigation where the app expects you to be taking a certain route and can track your progress. I understand ABRP is a planning tool and not a navigation tool but having it send data to ABRP during your trip and your charging sessions is presumably desired, so ABRP can improve routing. So with all that said. what is the correct way I should be using it? Should I just load the plan and access the site from my smartphone, and leave it running in the background? Again, it's not a useful tool to keep in the foreground since it's not doing anything. I'd prefer to keep music running on my smartphone. Will keeping it in the background affect its ability to send data to ABRP servers?
  5. Description: Give users a toggle to allow for displaying arrival and departure capacity in distance (miles or kilometers) instead of battery charge percentage. ABRP already has information such as type of car (and thus battery capacity), consumption rate, battery degradation, etc. Use Case: I, along with what I am guessing are half Tesla users, prefer to display our battery gauge in terms of miles instead of percentage. So when I plan a trip, I need to see how many miles I have available and take that as a fraction of 240 (for my SR+ Model 3) and plug it into ABRP. Then at each step, no lie, I need to figure out the ending charge percentage recommended, figure how what mileage that ends up being (ie 76% departure charge is 182.4 miles) and stop my charging accordingly. I know I can have it charge longer but I try to optimize my time and want to follow ABRP's plan. I know there are a lot of variables at play but to me, it should make no difference for ABRP if it displays in distance or percentage. I know that sometimes you might arrive with not the exact distance calculated. But hey, you can also arrive with not the expected battery percentage either. Thank you.

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