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  1. Even in split screen you need to "select" the leafSpy by tap on it part of the screen. If you tap on ABRP part the leafspy will stop to send data to server.
  2. OK. I will collect the data and back to you. Thank for you help.
  3. If you guys want I can try to collect this data, GIDS and leafspy SOC is already collected on the leafspy log I only need to register the dash % from 100 to 10% (if I remember correctly the dash change to --- more or less at 10%). Do you want that I register this for my leaf 30kWh? The current SOH is 86.7%.
  4. No at all. LeafSpy show 90%, car dash show 95% and ABRP show 98%! In my leafspy I do not have any config to change the "SOC calculation" or something like that.
  5. No, the maximum SOC reported by LeafSpy (with battery full) is 97.5%. The reported SOC from leafSpy is the same presented on LeafSpy App and it is less than the dashboard until 50% SOC and higher than dashboard from 50% until 0%
  6. Hi, I am start trying to use the live info from leafSpy (on leaf 30kWh) and it is working with some issues. First- The "Speed" and "Power" in the live data tab are always 0. Second (most important) - The SOC % presented on ABRP is to high and does not match the car dashbord SOC (it is 5% more) If I do not use live data (only estimated) it works better, the estimated SOC is very good. Thanks for the good work.

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