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  1. Thank you for fixing it so quickly!
  2. Description: The same routing hickup I once wrote about on Mai 9th is occuring again: When going through Lully Supercharger westbound, the routing extends to the next exit, back to the supercharger, on further back on the route and then onto the orginal path again passing Lully a second time. I attached the link to show a forced example in which the route approximately doubles the km driven. When going eastbound through Lully the routing works fine. In reality the supercharger is reachable from both directions and one is also free to leave from there in all directions, as the SuC „sits“ directly on top of the motorway and has exits/entries in all directions. Link to Plan: Shared Link Replication Steps: Any route westbound through Lully needing the SuC provokes a routing going the extra distance.

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