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  1. This is NOT Android Auto, but Android Automotive, the native operating system of the car.
  2. Hi, @Katya-ABRP Please have a look at this. IMG_4131.MOV
  3. This is about the AAOS app, and I woumd use the Share button, and the. Open in Google Maps. None of the planens drops/waypoints are transfered to Google maps.
  4. Using ABRP on Android Automotive in my Polestar 2. Unfortunately the planned route only displays start and stop when opening the route in Google maps in the car. Wish all waypoints and chargers to be exported. This is the case when doing an open in Google from my iPhone. Planned routes and all stops are converted to waypoints in Google maps on iOS.
  5. I was driving my 2018 e-Golf down the highway towards Gothenburg for 90 minutes. I started off with 100% batteries. ABRP estimated a charging point with 22% rest power. The estimated consumption was set to 194 wh at 110 km/h. Even so, I managed to go additionally 22 km on the highway and had 24% power left when starting fast charge. At average speed 112 km/h I had 19.0 kw/110 km/h average consumption.
  6. I planned a route where I need to make sure I leave the first waypoint/charger at 11:00. I set the departure time in properties for the charger stop. I even specify charge speed at 50 Kw So; two bugs here: backwards time calculation charge time from 90% to 100% @ 50 Kw would NOT be 27 minutes. I love this app, and love sharing and to participate with feedback and info to make it better.
  7. I have been testing connecting my e-Golf to Home Assistant through Car-Net. https://www.hjemmeautomasjon.no/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=4432 I managed to transféré all data to my Home Assistant using these scripts https://www.hjemmeautomasjon.no/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=4430 HOWEVER Car-Net only allows 15 connections before taking the link down (to save battery WV says). Then the car must be started...
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