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  1. That makes sense. Thanks.
  2. Tesla's announcement that it will limit a charge to 80% at "high-use" superchargers changes planning a trip with ABetterRoutePlanner - or does it? Are you able to determine which superchargers are "high-use" so that if I stop at one ABetterRoutePlanner won't plan that I should stay there beyond an 80% charge?
  3. I make fairly routine trips from my home in Delaware (in the USA,) to Astoria, Queens, in New York City. When I create a round trip to/from there, the route planner takes me through Manhattan in New York City to a charger there. Pretty much no-one will drive through Manhattan to get from west of New York to Long Island (where Astoria is) unless they have to. The routes that I'll get from Waze or Google Maps will be 1) via the George Washington Bridge - from northern New Jersey to The Bronx, and down to Long Island over the Robert F Kennedy Bridge or 2) Across Staten Island via the Goethals Bridge and then the Verizzano Bridge - from central New Jersey. Both of these routes bypass Manhattan to get to Long Island. In addition, the City of New York plans to charge additional fees to go through mid-town Manhattan besides the normal tolls, so it will be more expensive to go that way as well. I know that there are a lot of chargers in Manhattan, but...I'm not going there. Unfortunately, your route planner seems to insist that I go through Manhattan and, besides adding lots of waypoints to my trip, there doesn't seem to be a nice way to modify the route. Even when I eliminate the charging station in Manhattan, and the planner then picks something more reasonable, like one of the Supercharger stations on the New Jersey Turnpike, it still wants me to go through Manhattan. When I plan the same trip in Waze, it gives me routing options - usually 3 options - and allows me to pick one. It may be a longer trip, but it always comes out taking less time - sometimes by a lot. I realize that a longer trip is not necessarily the best for an electric car, but in a case like this, I'd opt for a longer trip. Perhaps you could add "Avoid city centers" to your "Avoid on Route" dropdown in the options area? Or optional routes like Waze?
  4. blevblev

    Round trips

    Description: I want a route planner to give me the option of making a round trip to/from a destination Use Case: Most of my trips that I need a route planner for are round trips - like from Delaware to New York (and back) to visit my daughter. My car's range is more than the distance to the destination, so my route never contains a stop for charging. However, my car's range is less than to the destination and back. I might not have the ability to charge when I'm at the destination, so I'll be required to charge on the way back. None of the route planners I've seen can do this. What I want, is to put in my departure point and my destination, and get a round trip route that will have a stop at a charging station on my return trip. I realize that I can start a new route at my destination starting without a full charge, but I'd rather know ahead of time before leaving to go to New York where I might stop on the way back. Remember, the more details you can add, the faster we can build out new features!

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