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  1. Well listed at supercharge.info but does not appear in ABRP. Knetzgau Supercharger
  2. Hi, with my Tesla Model 3 I am still using ABPR "Classic" as the tiny fonts of the new version are hard to read, even at standstill let alone while driving. Using the web-browser (no alternative) ABRP runs in "desktop-mode" but the allocated part of the screen measures just 20x20 cm, or so. The small fonts then measure just 1.5 mm, or so. No problem when you're in your 20s but I have to use reading glasses. Dangerous while driving. Please find a solution.
  3. Description: In the consumption graph there has always been a line which follows your consumption. Now there are just a lot of peaks. See photo. Type: Route Planner Classic webpage in Tesla webbrowser Hello, that's since a few months. Before there was a nice solid green line. Regards...
  4. Now I got it. You really have to tick both Tesla boxes. In that spreadsheet the Dorno CCS chargers are correct for a long time now, but again there is just one entry for Dorno, not two (west/east). At present only 4 SuC in Central Europe are NOT converted to CCS.
  5. Superchargers Dorno Ovest + Dorno Est are not visible in the data and are not used for calculation. However: I could see these once at ABRP today but after I entered my account data they went missing again. See screenshot.
  6. I had it corrected at supercharge.info, there it's correct now. But at ABRP Dorno has completely disappeared, now.
  7. There is a Supercharger in Dorno Est (Dorno East) missing. Dorno Ovest (Dorno West) is in the data. On Teslas website west and east are combined together but there is just the "west" location on the map. It's 6 stalls, among 2 CCS in each direction. Please update.
  8. Car: Telsa Model 3 LR AWD Hello, I tried ABPR on a 1280 km trip from Germany to France. At first it worked great, but 400 km in the drive it gave nonsense calculations. It seems that the 110 km/h varies a lot and was set way too high. ABPR asked me to charge to more than 90% for a drive of 190 km to the next supercharger. When I finally left with 88% it calculated that I'll need another stop! Sure I arrived with 27% left on the next charger. Also: When I restarted the route calculation with "my position" as start, it still gave me a route which started at the supercharger I left 15 min. ago. Thanks for some help...
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