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  1. Just got my Kia EV6 (first EV) and now I'm planning around with ABRP and I already ran into my first problem. There's a route I take regularl: From Augsburg into the Zillertal, which is around 220km. You 'could' drive around Munich in the North, which of course increases mileage - and consumption My preferred route is the southern route (which is not Highway-only) If I trust ABRP blindly, the route would be like this with 224km and 16% charge at the end, you can see it going round Munic in the north: The route I usually take (as I did with my Diesel for years) is to take the southern route, which results in 210km and 25% (!) charge at the end: Can I do something (except know on how to place waypoints?) to replicate this in ABRP? The route I took is one, that "classic" Route Planners do offer, though:
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