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  1. jpf

    Missing Ferry's

    It seems like all ferries between Europe and Britain is missing. Any plans to add them also? Thanks for a great product.
  2. Hi, thanks for a good reply. One other thing. In the e-Golf it’s really not worth it to charge past 75-80%. The general charge time from abt 20% to 75% is the same as charging from 75-100. Charging past 75-80% I would only do if I had to because there was no other chargers to briefly stop at for the next stretch. In Norway we also pay per minute at the charger so it’s really uneconomical also. I greatly appreciate that your site now also helps almost all EV’s. Keep up the good work. Regards, jpf
  3. The winter charge times in regard to e-Golf 24kWh are highly optimistic. In the four years I've driven my e-Golf that has not been my experience. With a temp set to -20C charging from from 28% to 83% in 14 mins are unrealistic. Might work in 20C weather, not in -20C weather. Time would be closer to twice the time. The charge speed tapers off a lot after 75%.

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