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  1. Thank you. Now I found it. General a very good thing. It would be nice, if the recommended charger is in the center of the screen. At the moment it is sometimes hidden from other things and I can not scroll.
  2. I would like to have the option to prefer or use only free chargers. 20% of our German chargers are free and it would be nice to be able to mark the cost free chargers in the map and to use them for navigation. At the moment I have free supercharging, but it will end and I try to still prefere cost free chargers. So far I need to set a filter in Plugchecker, but can't plan there the route. Perfect would be, to add to add the costs of the roaming cards and to get a cost and time optimized route. But I think, that is a lot more difficult to add move to much to ask at the moment.
  3. How do I find/use that feature? BTW: Great work, you have done!

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