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  1. The location you have for the stellerton fast charger is correct (the address anyway) but you have placed it 18km away from the charger in another town WAY off the highway. Had I not known where the charger was actually located, you would have stranded me and i would have had to get towed to the charger. There are very chargers in the area the changer is showing up in the map....Well none to be frank and there are a lot of new EV owners, and we are warning to not ONLY use ABRP as you have made quite a few goof ups in canada lately. You dropped all the government chargers in NB by accident a while ago....and they were missing from quite a while, and then re-appeared as if by magic. I love your app, it is great, I use it all the time, but however you resolve addresses seems to leave a bit to be desired. Like I said...if leaving Halifax in my all electric EV, it slows me down and I just squeek into that charger...Anyone in a car with similar range to me leaving the biggest city in Nova scotia, will be getting screwed if they did not know where that charger was actually located. They would be out looking at some farmers cows and be totally screwed. I took a screen shot of plugshare and one of where ABRP tried to send me...they are attached,
  2. Hi there, most of the chargers in new brunswick canada have disappeared. They are managed by the flo network and they were on the map, and have fallen off.
  3. So I got tourque configured, and did a little test run. I just want to make sure that everything is working correctly. How can I be sure that my data is uploading. I am going to be doing a longer run later today, but I was hoping to verify this before I headed out. -Mike 2019 Ioniq EV
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