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  1. So, I have my car brand, type and model registered @ ABPR (premium) and with Tronity (Correct car and vin comes up.) Ive checked ‘use live soc’ etc. Is it my correct assumption that when I get into my car and start driving the connection is instantly?
  2. Novice here: I’m no math genius. My Kon 64kw reads 14,7kWh per 100 km so what do i fill in here (the choices are wh/km or km/kwh @ 110…. . Is that 110km/h speed?) the first imaginary trip i did in ABRP the neccessary chargers were in red . Now I planned a real trip from Amsterdam NL. to Hirtshals DK and the chargers (I selected only fast ones) on the route are grey helpnis apprecited
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