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  1. Figured out a work around. Set car charger near the bottom of more settings to 25kw or whatever you want. Just then need to be careful of any L2 stops capable of more than your real ac rate.
  2. Really looking forward to this ac dc switch so I can again use this tool for many of my trips! Seems kind of strange to assume that people who would add custom charging stops would be unable to also manage what rate they're going to be able to charge there and instead need their hand held to the detriment of others using this tool.
  3. Pressing the gear beside a waypoint to change charging options is bugged (for 2017-19 bolt ev) and assumes a max power of (the vehicle's?) ~7kws L2 even if a greater number (50) is entered. Example: Power - 50kw Charge to - 80% And it estimates almost 5 hours to charge. This previously worked well and was useful for the many 22kw ccs stations that are either missing or reporting as 40kw on openchargemap who seems to deny the existence of less than 40kw ccs.
  4. Openair

    Won't Plan Routes

    This was on mobile. Have now reproduced this on desktop as well. Chrome on both. Maybe just coincidence but again changing the outside temperature a few times causes the endlessly red circle pulsing and never finishes planning. https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=c901e444-904f-4f26-8a86-fef0dd502eb6 One of the routes I reproduced this with.
  5. Openair

    Won't Plan Routes

    2 or 3 days now ABRP won't finish planning routes. I push plan route and either nothing at all happens or the red circle pulses endlessly and never actual plans a route. Loading saved plans loads those routes ok but trying to make any changes to these (even just the temperature) and replanning them again either nothing at all happens when I push plan route or the red circle endlessly. If I create a new plan completely from stratch with a fresh browser window it will successfully plan once, or maybe twice, but again eventually results in nothing happening when pushing plan route or red circle pulses endlessly.

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