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  1. deano

    EVNotify + ABRP

    Will do thanks.
  2. deano

    EVNotify + ABRP

    Thanks for the reply, have setup EVNotify on another device, all working. Can see the data through the EVNotify web interface. Have added my car back in, in ABRP, gone to the enable web settings, integration and ABRP, says it's already linked. ABRP isn't showing any live data still. Anything else to try ?
  3. deano

    EVNotify + ABRP

    Just looking at you sig, do you need to use to separate devices? One with EVNotify on and another running ABRP? Or should it work with them both on the same device ?
  4. deano

    EVNotify + ABRP

    Thanks for the reply. Both apps are newly installed and I've not left the drive, just trying to get them to work on the drive. Should I still seem past drives?
  5. deano

    EVNotify + ABRP

    I came across a video showing EVNotify giving live info to ABRP. I have an android phone, a Veepeak ODB II adapter which is working in EVNotify except battery temp, but maybe that's a limit of the EV (Soul 30kWh). I have linked this to ABPR and the EVNotify website is showing live data. When I open ABPR I don't see any live data, EG plotting a route it always says 100% SOC even though I can go back into EVNotify and shows the SOC as 60%. I've tried a rekey which hasn't made any difference. Any further suggestions to try ?
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