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  1. Thanks Barry, just noticed in your signature that you have Evnotify on Android 8 to upload live data, is that because the iOS version cannot send live data to ABRP? That is the key bit I am trying to do without having to have an Android and an iOS device running all the time!!
  2. and also it appears this documented API might be all that is needed to feed into ABRP Live? Anyone know a simple way to get these into an app on iOS? Years since I've done any programming, but perhaps I might have a tinker! Jaguar InControl API (getpostman.com)
  3. Did anything come of using these shortcuts to feed ABRP Live data??
  4. Morning all, I am trying to see if I can get live data from the OBP port on my iPace into ABRP but using an iPhone. All the reading I did last night and this morning seemed to give me lots of Android apps, but I've not found an iOS one. Is there an iOS app that people know of that is able to connect to the OBP port and feed live data into ABRP? I've asked the developers of these 3 apps so far! Car ScannerELM - supports logging but not uploading at the moment OBDFusion - awaiting reply Incardoc - awaiting reply, seems to support uploading to their portal at the moment.
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