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  1. Description: Since upgrading to the "fancy" GUI (does not like it), I am not able to get one single planning that does not have errors. The selection of charging station makes no sense. Type: webpage Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=b9c29be9-4803-4539-bc87-ab391c8eeaf0 This screenshot is one of many examples of senseless charge station picking.
  2. Joyride

    Cannot get user token

    Allready send yesterday to contact@iternio.com. Should I send again or is this mail also be read? Thanks in advanced!
  3. Joyride

    Cannot get user token

    Change car (e.g. Hunday Kona) and you will find the token after some Next clicks. Solved.
  4. Joyride

    Cannot get user token

    Hello, I tried experimenting with the API to upload I3 LiveData when possible from the ConnectedDrive backend. But I am lost at the very first step: get a user token. For OAuth I need an external connected webserver I do not have, and on ABRP, I cannot find any button to get the user token. Login Mail ist same there and in forum here.
  5. Login is not working anymore. Planning also not working. iPad-OS. Nothing to deactivate there.
  6. +1 for that. I have a charging park here with 4xCCS but one not working chademo that is ignored in the planing.
  7. That I have to do this manually with every plan AND i have to remember or need an additional list of prefered chargers.
  8. Description: I want to prefer individual chargers, not all chargers of the operator Use Case: I can mark charging stations with the best infrastructure for me (playground for kids, nice restaurent, shoppping area, many stalls, ...) and the algo will try to use them preferred. I plan a lot of trips around munich. I would like the routing algo to use "https://www.goingelectric.de/stromtankstellen/Deutschland/Neufahrn-bei-Freising/Autobahnraststaette-Fuerholzen-West-A9/22771/" when needed. There are 4xCCS Chargers and everytime one free. Nice new restaurant. But I do not want to prefere all innogy chargers! So: Next to "Prefere .... chargers" a "prefere this charger". This should tell the algo the same as operator preference, but only for one particular charger.

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