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  1. not sure this can work as off the highway the max speed can't be known/isn't constant - it differs for every route, i can't know the amount of cities/villages and their speedlimits in advance. so the planner most always will prefer a highway as there it can go the max speed i set while the average max speed on other roads is lower. testing this further i'm nearly always able to click myself a faster route (including charging) with guidepoints on a mix of roads than the automatic planner comes up with with either highways off or on. so it seems it still lacks some intelligence to make it the better routeplanner 😉
  2. https://openchargemap.org/site/poi?CountryIds=19&OperatorIds=142 operating charging points mostly in the city of Vienna (Austria) but roaming with the country's most other important networks: https://www.goingelectric.de/stromtankstellen/anbieter/angebot/TANKE-WienEnergie-Start-Wien-Energie-GmbH/17/
  3. Description: currently there's only an on/off option for highways. it would be nice to have finer grained controls to make the automatic planner use highways where it makes sense or let me use highways manually. Use Case: even on very limited range (say honda e 🙃) oftentimes it would make sense to use highways - ie. if there's a speed limit that wouldn't let me go faster than on other roads anyways. or there could be good charging options along the highway - which currently i can't plan to go as i've enabled 'avoid highways'. the current binary solution feels rather limiting and i feel a bit more intelligence could improve routes a lot.
  4. i assume i'm one of very few in your list of users contributing to this model 😊 you say one should drive a plan with the _browser_ active - but i guess updating battery percentage in the app will work as well? only did one 300k trip so far which we needed routing for, but estimates mostly seemed pretty accurate. cheers, markus.
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