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  1. Should be fixed - can only see Kojonup, Kattaning and Lake Grace in the region now. I've been following Jon's fantastic work with the Biofil mobile DC chargers. Brilliant initiative! 🙂
  2. This might be my fault! I have a Google Sheet of DC fast chargers in Australia which ABRP also uses as a source. I will get it updated today so hopefully tomorrow ABRP will get the correct data.
  3. I have more info on this one: I changed my vehicle model to a Leaf (it was a CCS vehicle before) and the charging location showed up. It also appeared as a 50 kW site (it's a 350 kW site). Change back to a CCS vehicle and it disappears! The data for the site is shown below as well as a similar nearby site: Campbell Town (one that doesn't appear) Kings Meadows (nearby 350 kW site that does appear - different network operator) Is the fact that Evie reports the site as "ccs2" instead of "CCS" the cause?
  4. Description: The charging location at Campbell Town, Tasmania, Australia is missing ( -41.929247, 147.494534 ) Type: This applies to the app and website Other details: The charger is present in both OpenChargeMap and the Australian fast charger spreadsheet - both of which are used as sources. On further investigation, similar chargers from the same network located in Avenel (Victoria), Tailem Bend (South Australia) and Tarcutta (New South Wales) are also missing. The network is "Evie Networks".
  5. chuq

    CHAdeMO for Model X?

    Hi @Levov, I've found if you open up the "Battery & Chargers" section on the left, you can click "Fast chargers" and then choose the types of connections your vehicle supports:
  6. Any updates on this issue from the ABRP team? It seems to be a general issue that applies to any ferry route. I just tested it again, from Melbourne to Devonport, in case anything had changed. Same issue. A Model 3 MR can do this with 90% remaining. An SR+ can do it, with 83% remaining. But change it to an SR and it fails. https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=4fc2564e-7fad-4eaf-8aa7-2e43c9196515
  7. This has been raised and is being worked on by ABRP peeps here 🙂
  8. @Witold Baryluk That's exactly what I use the sheet for (but use a different site, not Google Maps!)
  9. Thanks @caf for the correction on the name... I found that in a few locations so thought it was official. "3-phase 32A" is the best short name then. Also as caf says, these standards also exist in NZ. There are a few lower power options (wall outlets) but probably best to leave these out - they are of minimal use while planning road trips as they only charge between 2.4-3.6 kW. They can always be added later if needed.
  10. I just realised I made a similar request earlier, except that involved importing from OCM and not my spreadsheet! Either is fine, although it's a lot quick to add them to a spreadsheet!
  11. Hey @OzFred @caf and @Katya (ABRP), Travelling across remote parts of Australia has been a challenging issue for EV drivers. It's a long way to cover with DC fast chargers, but fortunately EV drivers have come up with a bit of a workaround 🙂 Here is the backstory: A few years ago, members of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association and the Tesla Owners Club of Australia attempted to do some travelling outside the existing charge infrastructure area, and found that a particular style of outlet we have in Australia - the 3-phase 32 amp 5-pin socket - which exists in many remote towns at places such as showgrounds and sometimes caravan parks - is well suited to enabling AC charging at up to 22 kW. With a portable EVSE such as as JuiceBooster 2, they will allow a suitably capable vehicle to charge at over 100km of range per hour. Not a DC fast charger but better than a power point! The two associations agreed to contribute some funds to purchase in bulk and donate more of these outlets (and EV charging signs) to various other councils, roadhouses, caravan parks and motels across remote parts of Australia to build what would become the "Round Australia Electric Highway" (RAEH). You can read about it here: https://www.teslaowners.org.au/round-australia (Note: some of the maps of other chargers later on this page are a bit outdated now!) Now, how does ABRP fit in? 🙂 One of ABRP's sources is the "Australian fast charger locations" Google Sheet which I maintain. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1A6jrzPsrrUyWzEQ4HVpoaHK85cK3un0auG1b5Gc85NA/edit#gid=0 I tested adding a "Round Australia Electric Highway" entry to this list a while back, to see if it would import. It didn't, presumably because the plug types available in ABRP do not include the Australian 3-phase 32A plug. ABRP users can currently only choose between Europe and North America: It would be great to have an "Oceania" region. The minimum "Types of chargers" to include would be: Type 2 (same as EU) Type 2 Tesla (same as EU) J1772 (same as NA) 3-phase 32A (NEW! The commonly accepted short name for a 3-phase 32A 5-pin socket - technically its a 56P532 but no-one will know what this means!) Once this is done, let me know how I should label such sockets in the spreadsheet and I can start adding RAEH locations. Actually if you look at the "RAEH" tab you'll see where I started such a list some time ago (unrelated to ABRP), but this tab could be adapted for use by ABRP as a source, just as the primary "Data" tab is now. (I'd rather keep the fast chargers separate on the "Data" tab) ABRP admins, let me know if you're able to add the "Oceania" options as mentioned above! I can do up a graphic for the 3-phase socket icon. When ready, I'll start populating the sheet (with assistance!). The 21 entries already listed are *only* the Perth to Adelaide route - I haven't got a complete count but probably a hundred locations all up!
  12. @Bo (ABRP) - is it possible to tweak the import a bit? At the moment you import rows with column A = "Operational" - could you make it and rows with either "Operational" or "1 Operational"? The reason being I plan to use labels starting with numbers so when I sort that column it puts them in lifecycle order e.g. "1 Operational", "2 Construction", "3 Confirmed", "4 Planned", "5 Speculative" etc. and not just alphabetically. Those may not be the exact categories but "1 Operational" will definitely be the first!
  13. Well that makes sense.. this station isn't really on a network yet, sorta. It's going to use EasyPark, which is what is currently used for parking in the existing car park, but at the moment the charger itself is on free vend. Eventually it will be integrated with EasyPark. However there currently aren't any other EasyPark chargers in Australia, hence it not being a valid network selection in OCM! My Australian charger spreadsheet, on the other hand, just has a free text field for the charge network. Thanks for fixing it on the ABRP side! I'll sort it out at OCM too.
  14. Thanks @Katya (ABRP) It's probably worth me mentioning that the address for one of these (the OpenChargeMap sourced one), was "Dunn Place", not "3 Davey St" up until a few days ago. I thought this was the cause, fixed it, and waited for the daily update/import, but it didn't resolve itself even after a few days.
  15. Since ABRP pulls data from a lot of locations, there will, on occasion, be sites that appear in multiple sources. I've noticed often ABRP will recognise this and merge them, but what is the logic that is used here? Is there a reason it doesn't merge these two locations? (both are at the exact same location as well). The left is from my Australia charger spreadsheet, the right is from OpenChargeMap. Co-ordinates: -42.881339, 147.332385
  16. Hi Katya, It looks like the issue has been resolved - they're all showing up! Not sure if it was a regular daily sync process or some other manual intervention by another ABRP admin, but it's all OK now! (was OK about 12 hours after your post but I hadn't got around to coming back here and letting you know, sorry!) Regards, Charles
  17. One of the sources used by ABRP is a Google Sheet spreadsheet that I maintain, of DC chargers (50 kW or greater) in Australia. It also uses OpenChargeMap and I think data directly from Chargefox. Miriam Vale exists in all 3 sources so I'm guessing there is something wrong with the import/synchronisation process? I've noticed the same thing happen with others. In Tassie there are 8 fast charger sites, only two of them (Queenstown and Campbell Town) are appearing at the moment.
  18. Yikes, I hadn't considered my filtering view may affect the import of sites - my apologies if this is the case 😞 I've just checked a few sites around Melbourne which are non network affiliated and they are still showing up in ABRP, so I don't think that's the issue... At first I thought you meant the Dan Murphys site, and thought perhaps it might have been auto-merged with the NRMA site since the two are so close, but on closer inspection the Dan Murphys one is labelled as "Coming" (I haven't seen evidence that it is operation yet) and the NRMA one (marked "Operational") is not visible! So still a bit of a mystery...
  19. Note: I have just added the "Chargefox Keith" location to OCM as well, so it might pop up on ABRP due to it's inclusion there.
  20. Description: Australian/New Zealand 3-phase sockets from OpenChargeMap don't appear to show as a charging option on ABRP. Use Case: The Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) and the Tesla Owners Club of Australia (TOCA) have co-funded electric highways across remote parts of Australia - areas without the traffic or population to warrant DC fast chargers or even standard AC chargers. It is known as the Round Australia Electric Highway. They have used the AS/NZS 3123 standard socket, which is 3-phase, 32A, allowing AC charging at up to 22 kW, with an appropriate high grade EVSE. Reasons for this choice are cost, reliability in outback conditions, power throughput, and in many cases sites already had such an outlet. More info is on the official site: https://www.teslaowners.org.au/round-australia This sockets are listed in OCM but do not appear in ABRP, presumably because only a specific subset of socket types are imported. Note that all of these locations are listed on Plugshare, I'm happy to add them to OCM if this will result them being available in ABRP. I've added one location to OCM as a test: https://openchargemap.org/site/poi/details/149466
  21. Hey @Bo (ABRP) and @Jason (ABRP) - are you having issues importing new sites from the Australian CCS spreadsheet? I added a site "Kings Meadows" last week, that worked fine - I also added a site "Keith" a couple of days ago and that so far hasn't shown up. These are the rows in the source spreadsheet: On further investigation, it looks like ABRP might have sourced Kings Meadows from OCM, but Keith hasn't been added to OCM there yet. So maybe that's the reason.
  22. I found another source ( https://youtu.be/7741YdnAcR4 ) that gave a figure of between 0.39 and 0.4, so that is closer than what you said!
  23. This is the latest version! Orange = 350 kW Black = 50 kW
  24. Thanks @Jason (ABRP)! I've shared links to this thread on reddit /r/teslamotors as well as the Now You Know discord channel. Any idea which of the unknown parameters are the most important to find?
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