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  1. I found another source ( https://youtu.be/7741YdnAcR4 ) that gave a figure of between 0.39 and 0.4, so that is closer than what you said!
  2. This is the latest version! Orange = 350 kW Black = 50 kW
  3. Thanks @Jason (ABRP)! I've shared links to this thread on reddit /r/teslamotors as well as the Now You Know discord channel. Any idea which of the unknown parameters are the most important to find?
  4. Update: Drag co-efficient according to Aerodynamics specialist Wouter Remmerie is 0.48 - admittedly he says, a "quick & dirty analysis based on a public 3D model".
  5. I'm surprised this thread didn't already exist 🙂 Obviously they are not in the wild, so can't get precise driving/charging model info. However ABRP includes the Tesla Roadster which is in the same situation so I'm assuming estimates can be made. We don't have a lot of the data which is required for the analytical model as mentioned in the blog post. What is the workaround? Models (with EPA estimated range, in case it helps): Single motor - 250 mi / 400 km EPA est Dual motor - 300 mi / 480 km EPA est Tri motor - 500 mi / 800 km EPA est. We don't have info on the batteries, other than the Tri motor is a double stacked version of the single motor. We probably can't even estimate the mass due to the unusual materials used. Motor1 says "our educated guess is that the Cybertruck is some 1,000-1,500 pounds (450-680 kilograms) heavier [than the F150] but this is just an assumption as we don't have exact and official details." F150 is 4400 to 5300 lb. Front area is probably the easiest to calculate: 78.8 inches wide x 75.0 inches high = 41.04 sq ft / 3.813 sq m (not allowing for the gap under the car - subtract about 14% if this area is to be excluded) Charging curve - assume the same as the Model 3? Anyone else have any insights?
  6. Yep - only 50 kW+ sites! Otherwise there would be hundreds of them. ABRP does use AC charging locations, but not for most of the time. Definitely add AC ones to OpenChargeMap though if you spot them and would like ABRP to use them, since ABRP will import from there.. In case you're wondering why I don't just add the DC chargers to OCM - I keep the spreadsheet for a secondary purpose - many networks have a list of 'Coming soon' locations which are up to a year away. I use the data in the spreadsheet to make a map of "What the Australian fast charging coverage will look like in 12 months time". Note that only Operational chargers are imported into ABRP, but all the "coming soon"/"speculative" ones are used in my other maps.
  7. @caf I think the Chargefox app shows two pins at the site - the 22kW chargers (which have been there for months) and the Ultra-rapid charger (which is new). I'm only including the fast & ultra-rapid sites in the spreadsheet, so I don't include AC chargers (except where a fast charger site has an AC charger adjacent to it). AC charging sites are not particularly helpful for ABRP's purpose (routing long distance trips) which is why I don't include them. I believe ABRP also sources from OpenChargeMap, which would be a good place to add the 22 kW sites (if you want to do them all manually, that is!)
  8. Hi RQP, I have had a similar issue where the length of the ferry is taken into consideration as a driving leg. Example, Ferry from Devonport to Melbourne, in Australia. Route is 440 km. Trying to do a route in a Tesla Model 3 LR works, only showing 1% of the battery being used. The same route in a 24 kWh Leaf doesn't, despite the fact the Leaf would only need to travel a couple of kilometres on land at each side. https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=41f5b96f-3443-4a10-8f6b-5f0eacb6c499 In my case (East Devonport is on an island) it doesn't offer a route. In your case, it takes the land-based route instead. This is a known issue - I reported it to ABRP some time ago.
  9. Hi Grim, someone noticed this on another forum and it turned out there was an issue with OpenStreetMap in that location causing routing issues. Someone has fixed it up now, but it will take at least a day, maybe a few days, for the routing engine to catch up to the changes. Give it a retry in a few more days.
  10. When you click on the charger you get this : Showing that the source of the charger is NREL.gov. The link takes you here, where you can provide them with the correct information: https://developer.nrel.gov/contact/
  11. I just had a look on ABRP and there is no supercharger appearing in that location. There's nothing on either Plugshare or supercharge.info either. It could have been removed in the few days between you making this post and me replying?
  12. Hi @Bo (ABRP) - forgot to tag you before - any chance of this change being implemented?
  13. Hi Paul, I just zoomed in really close, found an AC charge point (there was one just south labelled "Ecotricity - Travelodge") and clicked "Add this charger as waypoint". As to why it didn't try to route through it, I'm not sure. The 3.5 kW refers to the charger in the car. I think for the i3 that you selected it would be 7 kW or 11 kW. Still, that shouldn't affect the routing!
  14. I wondered why the charge times were so long, I thought it was a bug... it didn't occur to me that the "theoretical" 50 kW station I was attempting to charge from was giving me the time for 3.3 kW 😄 I use this feature for testing to see where the best places for future DC fast chargers would be. I agree, seems like a good request.
  15. I can confirm that all supercharger sites in Australia & NZ are at least partially CCS converted (100% of sites, and about 88% of stalls at last count). There are at least one under-construction site, which currently has no CCS stalls; however this site isn't open yet. I would be very surprised if it opened without conversion occurring. Spreadsheet where this has been tracked: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wTtPb02vWhi8RW_4VtsFyY34CWUoFzjPv-YXrZaJ9l4/edit#gid=0

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