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  1. No, I wanted to be safe and didnt have other Apps running.
  2. After 1200km holiday trip I would like to write down my experience: - ABRP did work good for the whole tour with only one freezing screen (thank you for the september update) - Volume: it took me 200km to realize that you can change the volume of the voice right in the moment when speaking. It would be good just to have a menue to change it - dark mode seems to me much too dark. It is not easy to see anything especially when it is not really dark outside - Zoe is not connected to ABRP so I had the problem when finishing charging and wanted to continue the trip that ABRP still wanted me to charge. I just could not continue the trip with the planed tour. It would be good to manually enter "Charging finished" and set the new percentage of battery. - Sometime when starting, ABRP told me that I need Premium version although I am subscribed. It then worked after a few minutes. - Generally I would like to have ABRP more flexible on the road. Changes of a planed route was not really possible for me. (maybe I just did´t know how to) Removing a waypoint becasue it is not needed anymore not possible Adding waypoints while already on the trip is very complicated or not possible I really would like to have a button that lists me nearest charging stations. It is not always possible to plane everything in advance. Thank you - overall ABRP did a great navigation job, I just would like to be more flexible.
  3. I made a short test today - no crash until now. I will make a holiday trip next week so I will get some experience with ABRP in AA
  4. The problem of screen brightness seems to be that it was in dark mode when i tested it although it was still bright sunlight outside. When does it switch to dark mode?
  5. When I see the same location on my phone screen I see all the chargers. On AA screen none. I will check again, maybe I didnt see them because of "very dark mode" ?
  6. Freeze means totally freeze. You cannot move the map or touch anything. Checking the phone shows that the phone still works quick without problems, but AA you can do nothing. Around my place are a lot of chargers but I cannot see any of them on the map in AA. It is good to plan a trip in advance but I think when driving I want to know if there is a charger near and then drive to it, even if not planed in advance.
  7. OK, I have activated Premium to get Android Auto and made a first quick test. - It now works with build in car GPS antenna. Good. - When does it switch to dark mode. Screen was dark although still bright light outside. Almost nothing to see. - I was able to download prepared rout and started navigation - 3 crashes in 10 minutes (means screen in car freezes, while phone is still working). One time I had to restart car to get Android Auto working again. - Am I wrong ? I was expecting to find charging stations while I am on tour. On Android Auto there are no stations on the screen and when doing a search I can only enter an address. No button for next stations? With these crashes and no seacrh for charging station I find it quite useless! ?
  8. I was trying AA as Beta but it didnt work at all. The position of the car was not updating. Renault Zoe, LG G5 My guess was that ABRP was using GPS antenna of the mobile phone and there was no GPS on the phone tray in the Zoe. Google maps and Waze works fine. So I really would like to know if ABRP is using the GPS antenna of the car and if this is working now fine? As in beta test it didnt work I dont want to pay for this feature without know it works. Thanks for a reply.
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