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  1. Description: If you are planning a route and would rather go the other direction there is no easy way to swap each entry, you must individually drag each destination from the bottom to just above the original top location to reverse their order, and dragging is NOT easy with this scrolling drag-selectable route list. Use Case: If I am planning a long trip and after I get a ways into adding waypoints I realize that it will be better to start going the opposite way, and return via the path already laid out there is no easy way to reverse the list, which is a normal feature of many route planners. Perhaps it would be better to simply make dragging and dropping less error prone, As I drag now if the list scrolls I no longer see the item I was dragging and if I let go I must hunt thru the entire list to find it. Not a problem with a list of 4 locations, but why would I pull out ABRP for such a short route? Would be nice if I could send the selected waypoint to the top or the bottom of a list to speed the reversing process. Perhaps something as simple as an up-down button or key that lets me move the current entry up or down JUST ONE space on the list for each click. If I want to add a waypoint in the middle of a route I have to click New Waypoint which adds it to the bottom of the list, I then have to drag it up the list to its intended location. Sure, if there was a search field I could find the waypoint and click Add Waypoint, which SOMETIMES will put it in the list at the optimum location. But either way I generally want to move the waypoint up or down the list and drag and drop is very likely to screw things up. I was very surprised to find this wasn't already requested, yet in at least 3 threads people have asked for Wind to be considered as a feature...
  2. I also find it difficult to break up the days. I want to stop somewhere with free overnight charging and this is manually intensive in the current incarnation. If I could just specify the range of hours driving per day I wanna do and then have the app break it up roughly so I get some vague idea of how long the trip might take it would be a nice first pass that I can then finesse when or if I need to.
  3. This seems pretty important I am surprised it has yet to be implemented
  4. This seems like an important feature, I am surprised it's still not implemented
  5. israndy

    OBD Live Data Setup

    OK, I have a Mitsubishi iMiev that I would like to collect data for. I have hooked up the Automatic OBDII adapter, the UltraGauge adapter, and the Bluetooth version and each of them has refused to talk to the car. Most of them actually cause the dash lights to indicate an error or 20. Is there a recommended adapter to plug into the car that may allow data collection for ABRP? I know, it's got VERY limited range, but if I knew more precisely HOW MUCH it actually could deliver I could take it places beyond the neighborhood
  6. Teslas have a setting that allows you to put in a specific number of miles an hour that will be added to the speed limit. When you turn on AutoPilot that is what your speed is set to. So I use +8 on my car. That means that when I am on a 55 MPH highway I go 63 MPH, which is pretty standard for California. Maybe a little slow. Yes, at 40 MPH I go 48, 25 I go 33, so that is more significant. If the car could do a percentage faster as ABRP can, I would use it. But since they are on separate algorithms the planning doesn't line up. Maybe until the car gets an update we could add this feature to ABRP? Actually, something that ABRP could calculate is how FAST the car should drive on this segment to maximize the time spent on the road. If I am driving from LA to SF, that 400 miles mean I am going to stop at least once. If I drive faster I use up more battery, but I am getting there sooner. Highway 5 seems impervious to people getting tickets as long as they stay below 85 MPH. But then I need to stop twice to charge, so did I actually save time? I bet there is a calculation to figure out the best speed to take a specific trip and arrive in the shortest amount of time. I see that you also have the ability to calculate this based on prevailing winds, but they don't seem to use live data, I must put the winds in before I start driving. Could this be grabbed from the same people that TeslaWinds.com uses to track your headwinds? -Randy
  7. Jason, thanks for PM'ing me the offer to try and find the missing Route using some of the destinations I remember. After sending them I texted you this: So, chalk that one up to being confused by the interface. Sorry for the bad mentions above, I do still think it would be nice if there was a more complete save feature, and who knows what caused the Plan it was showing to NOT include all the newer chargers I had added, perhaps that too is something that can be tweaked. Off to play with it some more. -Randy
  8. Oh, I thought you were going to PM me with some options, not "same options". I do know how the renaming works, it's just unexpected that each save generates a completely new file with the automatic title. 'Update saved' works unless something got lost along the way. "I have been working on New York so long and somewhere along the way New Mexico vanished and I cannot get it back", that's why I mentioned versioning.

    Not that that's what happened to me. I just lost all my work. Not sure what the UUID is, my understanding is that the Mac backs up the entire computer once an hour for the first 24 hours then it starts to overwrite those backups. If a UUID is something I could restore from those backups I could get my work back? The clock is ticking...

    Are you saying "all is lost, start again"? I could at least try to rebuild it from memory.


  9. I spent the last two days making an incredibly detailed route. Thanks for the great software, I can find no other solution that comes close. I located every J1772 and destination charger to circumnavigate the lower 48 states and put them into a single trip. There is no save function, to save my work over my previous work, no versioning, but what I have relied on is the fact that each time I go back into ABRP my route is there, unchanged. After finishing it yesterday evening I was writing a bug report for the guys at PlugShare for I was always losing data during this task (PlugShare.com was a major source for data on this trip since you guys cannot agree to share data, I did it by hand). They had responded asking for a detailed description of how to reproduce the issue, so I tried to quit and restart Safari, the data in PlugShare vanished, as expected (should call it BugShare), but my route in ABRP also changed, it was limited to California thru Texas, the very first hour of work I did on the route. I opened ABRP and closed it immediately when I saw the issue. Is there a way to recover my work? I tried to open it in Chrome but that showed a route I was working on the last time I had Chrome open. I thought it would show the route based on who you are logged in as, but perhaps the route is based on the cookies in the browser? [Geez, ironic, just lost a couple of paragraphs in this message, trying again] If the route I worked on for the last two days is gone what strategy should I have implemented? Save my work every time I get up and go back later and delete the extra ones by hand? Could you guys implement a working area or folder for the 500 versions I create? Or a versioning system, so I name the route and each time I save it gets a .1 or .2? Currently, it is impossible to see more than one saved complex route at a time on screen, and there is no creation date listed so it's easy to get confused. -Randy
  10. israndy

    Sharing Data with ABRP

    The link above: "https://forum.abetterrouteplanner.com/blogs/entry/12-contributing-driving-data-–-bolt-ev/" is not working
  11. israndy

    OBD Live Data Setup

    That will work, but if you guys are going to use this shortcut (https://abrp.mp/) perhaps you should get its certificate registered so people are not presented with this error.
  12. The link above https://abetterrouteplanner.com/blog/index.php/2018/09/09/generic-obd-and-torque-pro-setup-instructions/ is not working -Randy
  13. But there isn't a place for it. I wanted to try to set up a new folder, but that is out of my control. I was wondering if I had mapping software and an OBD2 connection if I couldn't actually take this car on a road trip, perhaps even move it to our cabin. Not sure where to post this discussion. Perhaps you guys could at least add "Other" to the Electric car sections and then when one car gets popular enough you could add a specific folder for that. Also, is there a setting so that threads I contribute to automatically turn on Notify me of Replies All in all, I am shocked others don't run this board software, it is really great. -Randy
  14. The link above https://forum.abetterrouteplanner.com/blogs/entry/16-generic-obd-and-torque-pro-setup-instructions/ is not working -Randy
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