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  1. I am testing ABRP with a Mini Electric L3. I have seen an number of the items listed above, such as maps jumping, and also the fact if you turn off your phone screen the map halts on CarPlay. The one thing I want to check on, is that I have looked at integrating Tronity with the app, and whilst I can assign the Tronity feed to the ABRP app, as soon as the phone connects to CarPlay connection to Tronity is lost, and I loose any benefits it gives from having the live feed. I am guessing its because the default Wi-Fi is now CarPlay and the ABRP app is attempting to connect to Tronity over that Wi-Fi connection, which does not have internet access. After that Tronity does not reconnect on its own, even when the car is switched off and the device moves to 4G, and Tronity stays suck on “Not Authorised”. Is there a way to choose to route ABRP connections over Data rather than Wi-Fi? I can imagine this would need to be a switch as some cars have hotspots built in, or will use a tethered USB connection for CarPlay, and being forced to do navigation over 4G may not be the preference for those drivers? One of the key benefits I can see of switching to ABRP is that live feed and adjusting the route based on battery/range if needed - however in its current guise it appears this is impossible to realise.
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