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  1. FYI, that charging curve may not be accurate because it may have been initiated after a 200kph autobahn test run. The initial heat build up in the pack may not be representative of average highway usage.
  2. Jason, Yes, it was a typo, I meant Wh/mi (not Wh/km). The EPA mixed driving rating is 409Wh/mi (83.5kwh usable pack capacity/204mile range). At a constant 65mph, the consumption is a bit higher. I recommend 425Wh/mi based on all the data that I've been following. I override the value in the planner with this value and I think it gives fairly accurate results. Of course, logging real world data will be best when its available.
  3. Based on the recent e-tron EPA range numbers and video reviews that include consumption, could you update the (alpha) e-tron default consumption values to a more accurate 425 wh/km (@65mph)?

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