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  1. Description: when I just set up the route and I see the "step by step ", I wish there would be an easy option to choose a different charger (with more commodities for example) Use Case: Yesterday I had to drive a long trip, and ABRP planed a charging session in a not very convenient place as I prefer to use the charging session to go to a restroom and drink a coffee I had to manually find another charger with these commodities and add it as a waypoint. Having such a feature would make our like easier as many chargers are in the middle of nowhere and some are cheaper or faster or more convenient
  2. Hi, I use ABRP with torque pro linked to it and what is strange is that the reference consumption keeps on changing depending on the kind of road I'm driving. Then ABRP act just like the guess'o'meter in the E-niro, reporting the remaining range depending on the speed I'm driving now (instead of considering the speed of the trip). To me, driving at the speed limit (130km/h in France) I have to set reference consumption at 135Wh/km to get reliable informations. Does it make sense to add +10% margin if the range prediction is reliable ? To me it doesn't, it's like setting my watch 10 minutes in advance to never get late, in the end I would still be late if I rely on my watch not being reliable 🤔
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