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  1. You can click on the street to see what speed it actually simulates at that part of the route. If the Battery graph goes down rapidly you know where the parts, at which it actually simulates 200km/h driving, are. As far as i know, the planner doesnt take traffic into account, so if you set it to 200km/h and that speed is allowed it will simulate driving at that speed. Depending on you driving that is also worst case, which is advantageous to have in a simulation for critical stuff like this. You can play around with the setting for max speed to see which is faster, because going full speed is seldom the fastest overall speed with an electric car. Most electrics only have one gear for going forward, which makes them spend increasingly more ressources at increasingly high speeds, its not comparable with a combustion engine car. From experience, for the SR+, 130km/h should overall be the fastest option. This means you will take less/shorter breaks and spend more but safer (due to lower speed) time on the road. At the end of the day, not time spent chargin or time spent driving is relevant, but the combination of both. Look at the total duration and determine if you can live with that time. For long routes it might take more time in winter.
  2. Why did they unlock higher charging speeds for S/X75 with the V2 Upgrade? They didnt take 120kW before and do not still. They could have had the new charge curve before as the charger is and was not at its limit?
  3. Hi, i already asked this, see here: https://forum.abetterrouteplanner.com/topic/208-set-waypoint-by-coordinates/ Spoiler: Its possible.
  4. I think you could emulate a plan with the Zoe Model. That would take care of the right charger (Type 2 right?). Then maybe change reference consumption so it charges often enough, or just as often as possible, because with 40km range on the highway you will want to stop at every resting area.
  5. In the Ioniq with Apple CarPlay it doesn't work like that sadly. If you use a CarPlay App it also switches to that App on the phone. So it is not possible to have both Maps in Carplay and ABRP on the phone at the same time. I have actually missed turns on two occasions already because of this. Its not optimal. I would either have to plan the route on the car's navigation or have a second phone.
  6. OT: This i find very fascinating! You know the planner ist powerful if it knows you can spend more energy and take the autobahn to save two minutes one way but not the other. Also for green light, fellow bavarian, with this route you can take a quick charge in Dachau if the weather on the way home get particularly gnarly and you suddenly wouldnt make it.
  7. I know you have it working, just the threshhold seems off by a little bit. If you change the plan to start at 24% it goes around the mountain. Also i totally get that its a somewhat low priority error because of its rarity
  8. Description: Planner says i can make the trip to the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße (Heiligenblut as the return point) and only need to charge on the way home. On closer inspection this seems to be a bad plan, as on "Törlkop" on the way back up before the big descend it says i will be at -1% battery. Link to Plan: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=13559c2f-313e-47e7-a486-a957a5b3664b
  9. Bad news for the Ioniq FL: https://www.hyundai.news/eu/press-kits/new-hyundai-ioniq-offers-a-range-of-new-enhancements/ Will be charging a lot slower than hoped, seems about the same as the Kona 39, maybe you already have some data for it? If not the analytical system for its charging should work fine for now.
  10. logic

    ABRP 3.7 Release Notes

    You fixed the maps! First impression is that its a bit slower?
  11. logic

    ABRP 3.7 Release Notes

    Updated maps: You did what?! Didnt expect that and didn't see that the whole day. Getting alot of 404s now on api.maptiler.com if i zoom in too far. Yes, the naming scheme of Tesla will make it a challenge in the future to get all models in one place...
  12. The planner prefers faster charging for a faster overall route already. Your plan seems to do what you want for me: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=ccd09eac-38a6-4c62-adf1-f8bce011c496 Can you share a plan where it isn't working as you expect?
  13. Well i hope it wasn't needed for real time tracking somehow. Thanks for the fix also!
  14. Yes i've found it! The Start Departure Charge resets when you click on the route (Tip! Click anywhere along a planned route to get information on speed, elevation and other assumptions.).

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