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  1. As an addition if these could be added as guidepoints rather than waypoints as these are just to mark the route without any stopovers, the over all output of the drive will be much user friendly. As you can see how complex it can get to correct a route if ABRP routes differently than what my route calls for. Thank you.
  2. Any feedback from ABRP would be greatly appreciated. If we want to insert a waypoint in between using GPS coordinates and move them, it gets a bit challenging trying to figure out the two points on the map in relation to the trip planner.
  3. YES! I found this request after posting something similar in another post! This would make modifying our route a lot easy and efficient! I currently use RV Parky to find campgrounds and truck stops for overnighters.
  4. I agree with this request. I plan road trips with specific roads to take (Fall Folliage route north east USA). I first plot in google as it is easy to drag the route, then copy the GPS coordinates into ABRP planning. I can enter only waypoints this way, not sure if I can create a guidepoint using GPS coordinates. Now I have about 20 stops on my map which show up during navigation when I only need one waypoint at a campground! Either, a way to convert waypoint to guidepoint and the other way around or add another button just like 'Add Waypoint' for a guidepoint and we can enter the GPS coordinates would be great. Another request is that there is no way to see which waypoint on the map belongs to which waypoint in the planning table, especially when there are 20 of them! I also map the same route in RV Parky to get all the campgrounds. This app does label the planning stops with the stops on the map so it is easy to insert a guidepoint where I want, or delete the one I do not need! I mostly stop at campgrounds, Flying J/Pilot or Loves truck stops for an overnighter, which RV Parky gives and ABRP gives me the most efficient charging stops!
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