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  1. Just realized there is a Kia/Soul EV subtopic in this forum (which is rather empty). Please feel free to move this thread there (I don't see how I can do this).
  2. I started to use the premium ABRP+Android Auto setup for two longer trips this month. As part of this, I tried the automatic reference consumption calibration, but found it to be unusable. It continuously increased the estimated consumption, I stopped using it at 259 Wh/km estimate (Soul EV 27kWh). When I manually set the value to 190Wh/km, general route planning works very well (within 5% over a 70% of battery long drive, likely due to me now going max allowed speed). Is there some issue on my side, or is this a known limitation? Possibly related: my trip history seems to have a lot of issues with estimated average speed etc. This might be related to me changing/updating routes while driving (e.g. to change planned chargers/adapt to road closures etc). Can you provide more information on how to optimally train the calibration/ensure that it does not completely goes off bounds? Related to this: is there a reference list for the consumption for different models somewhere, so that people can bootstrap the process of finding realistic values for this for their car manually?
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