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  1. I have the OBDLink MX+ device. It's Bluetooth, but it's not BLE. That means it's not compatible. The dongle has to be BLE compatible to work directly with ABRP.
  2. Try using waypoints or even better, use Guide points. These will allow you to route to specific locations and so force your preferred route.
  3. ABRP, very definitely takes elevation gain or loss into account. It's probably the most important thing it does compared with regular GPS route planning
  4. I get this bug too once in a while. It's a little inconvenient that's all. However, if you close and restart the app, it will "reset" itself. None-the-less, it would be a good bug to squash.
  5. I think that what you're seeing in the IONIQ is that at lower SoC's to maintain the same power draw the current increases as voltage decreases. I've noticed that at high SoC's ABRP over estimates power used slightly and at low SoC's under estimates power used. Maybe by 5% on each end. However, it pretty accurate over a typical battery cycle of 80% to 20%.
  6. I'm having the same issues with ABRP on my Android phone. Everything works fine until I interact with the app in any way (re-plan, view change, etc). At which time the response time for the app is minutes and is very frustrating.
  7. Ou Boet


    Absolutely. That's one of the key advantages of using ABRP over other GPS planners.
  8. Just taking a shot in the dark here, but what value do you have for "Charging Overhead". I believe that it is 5 mins by default. This value can affect ABRP's charge stop planning dramatically. The penalty for each stop is the time to charge, plus the "Charging Overhead" period. Is some cases, although counterintuitive, it can make a longer stop (even though your average charge rate might be lower) quicker in the long run.
  9. The orange legs are ones that are beyond your maximum range and where you'll need to drive slower than the posted speed limit to make it. Eg, the posted speed limit is 120 kph, but ABRP requires you to drive at 90 kph to lower your energy usage so you can make it to the next stop. If you click/tap on the leg, the details for the leg are shown along with the required speed to drive. The blue legs are regular legs and you can drive with carefree abandon ?
  10. Description: Inconsistent vertical scales for elevation and battery % graphs. Type: App and Website Link to Plan: Replication Steps: Any route planned Once a route is planned the elevation and battery % profiles are displayed. The scales for each are based on the total spread for that route. For routes with minimal spreads, the profiles are greatly exaggerated and always different. So a quick glance at a profile is not particularly informative. Suggest always displaying the battery % profile between 0% and 100%, even if this produces flatter lines for short trips - which I think is actually more intuitive. Suggest that the elevation profile always defaults to ranges of 250m (min), 500m 1,000m, 1,500m, or more if required (depending on actual spread). The minimum value can be set as the closest round multiple of 50, 100 or 250 for the trip (dependent on the actual spread). This way, hilly routes will look hilly and flat routes will look flat. Eg 1: Trip with elevation spread from 26m to 56m. Graph displays from 0m to 250m (250m elev range) Eg 2: Trip with elevation spread from 76m to 145m. Graph displays from 0m to 250m (250m elev range) Eg 3: Trip with elevation spread from 576m to 723m. Graph displays from 500m to 750m (250m elev range) Eg 4: Trip with elevation spread from 257m to 965m. Graph displays from 250m to 1250m (1,000m elev range) Eg 5: Trip with elevation spread from 897m to 1809m. Graph displays from 750m to 2250m (1,500m elev range) Regards OB
  11. My plans are in the right time zones, but when I go back and look at My Drives, these are offset by about 8 hours. Seems that when ABRP saves drives it doesn't take account of GMT off set. Is this something that can be tweaked?
  12. Might be better to just leave out a standard driver weight because that will vary widely, and let users enter a value. That, or clearly state that 75kg is assumed.
  13. I have noticed that when entering a tunnel ABRP will loose it's GPS fix and note that "you're not on the route" and the pointer does not advance (obviously). Is there a way for ABRP to obtain secondary speed information through the the OBD port to avoid this. That way it doesn't have to recalculate once it reestablishes a GPS fix when you exit. Once other thing, because I get to use HOV lanes which have me deviate off the indicated route a short distance before rejoining, ABRP thinks that I've detoured and recalculates and then recalculates again when I rejoin. I'd like an option to delay the recalculation longer, or perhaps dismiss it if possible.
  14. To confirm, that is only true for premium members right?
  15. Not sure I fully understand the question/comment above, but just to clarify. The 28 kWh IONIQ can charge at up to 69 kW. The 38 kWh IONIQ can charge at up to 44 kW. Additionally, the 38 kWh IONIQ tapers earlier in the charge cycle. This means that in some instances, the 28 kWh IONIQ can complete a long trip a little faster than the 38 kWh IONIQ, as indicated above. The 28 kWh IONIQ is 16 min faster but with one extra stop.
  16. Green = less energy used than planned. Red = More energy used than planned.
  17. BACKGROUND_MODE did the trick. Thanks a million.
  18. Fwiw, I disabled "Location synchronisation" in EVNotify and told ABRP to "Overide car position". That worked for the GPS tracker on ABRP. But after about 10 mins, it still stopped updating SoC data from EVNotify. Again the old switch back and forth fixed it - for a while. Just accessed the dark side and enabled background mode as suggested above. Will test on the way home. Thanks for the help. Btw, what is SEXY_DASHBOARD
  19. I did a bit more testing last night on the way home from work. It appears that that when EVNotify is not dispayed, it stops uploading after a short while. This I concluded when I noticed that when I do display it, it displays outdated information for a split second before refreshing. Not sure if that's conclusive though. There are no holes in the data though after a switch back and forth, in EVNotify or ABRP, even if I leave ABRP displayed for a long period and it gets "lost", as soon as I do an EVNotify switch, it seems to have all the past data correct once it updates. Very weird. I will look for the "run in background" setting in EVNotify, I don't think I recall seeing that, so it's unlikely I've activated it. Thanks for the tip.
  20. Description: During a trip, ABRP repeatedly lost connection with EVnotify Type: ABRP v 4.0.6 Android (I updated to this latest version immediately before the trip) Link to Plan: N/A Replication Steps: Start EVnotify and confirm that it's reading info from OBD II dongle and uploading to the web Start ABRP and plan a route. Start route and track progress. After a minute or two, the GPS location stops updating the the SoC % stops updating. Switch to EVnotify and switch back to ABRP. ABRP now shows vehicle location correctly and SoC% is updated and correct. Continue to track route. Loop back to step 4. I hope that this issue can be resolved quickly. I really am enjoying the new app and layout. But switching back and forth is a pain in the a*** and a distraction. OB
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